Veteran Compares Obama With George W. Bush… His Message Is Spreading Like Wildfire

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It’s no secret that, between President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush, servicemen and veterans vastly prefer the former.

Perhaps it’s Obama’s latte salute, perhaps it’s the lost ground in Iraq and Afghanistan under the Obama administration, or perhaps it’s the casual disregard liberals tend to have for the sacrifices these men compared to Bush’s well-known respect for veterans.

The feeling is perhaps best encapsulated by veteran Athran Zula, who cataloged on Facebook why he preferred Bush to Obama. His thoughts have garnered over 10,000 shares already.

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“14 years ago, I had a President who was certainly neither the brightest crayon in the box nor the most eloquent,” Zula began.

“He didn’t fill everyone’s ears with s*** they wanted to hear. He made mistakes, as all leaders do, but he owned up to them.

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“14 years ago, I had a President who made me proud to take the Oath of Enlistment. 14 years ago, I had a President who shared the sorrow of the nation instead of blaming the nation for the heinous deeds of others.

“14 years ago, I had a President who never let the people forget he was one of them, instead of setting himself aside and higher than the people he swore to serve. 14 years ago, I had a President who was proud to be an American and who shared that pride with the people,” he continued.

He then compared that to Obama.

“Today, I have an eloquent but petulant schoolchild pretending to be a leader. On the worst day in American history since Pearl Harbor, I had a President who told the world that America will not bow down. Today, I have a charlatan snake oil salesman who bows to my enemies.

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“But 14 years ago, I had a President.”

Now, as the Islamic State group closes in on a vast swath of the Middle East and we’re on the retreat at home and abroad when it comes to terrorism, I wish I had a president, too.

Sadly, we don’t have a president; we have a talking head who repeats liberal boilerplate nonsense. Perhaps if that weren’t true, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

H/T Young Conservatives

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