Trump Vindicated After Bombshell Truth Drops About 65 MSM Reporters

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President Donald Trump has claimed, almost from the very start of his campaign, that the mainstream media did not cover him fairly and worked to rig the election for Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

We’ve all witnessed how the mainstream media has gone out of its way to make Trump look bad. Even if it meant spreading lies, the media has been intent on destroying Trump.

A recent study conducted by Media Research Center proved just how right Trump’s claims are.

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The report showed that in the three months after the party conventions ended, Trump received significantly more news coverage than Clinton — some 91 percent — but almost all of that coverage was negative.

For those of us paying attention, that isn’t surprising.

Furthermore, emails provided by WikiLeaks showed how much of a cozy relationship Clinton had with the media.

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According to The Intercept, approximately 65 reporters worked closely with Clinton campaign team during the election. They were invited to dinners with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta or chief campaign strategist Joel Benenson.

See the list of the media talking heads from The Intercept below:

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Below is another list of reporters that attended a dinner with Clinton, via WikiLeaks:

ABC – Liz Kreutz
AP – Julie Pace
AP – Ken Thomas
AP – Lisa Lerer
AURN – April Ryan
Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
CBS – Steve Chagaris
CNBC – John Harwood
CNN – Dan Merica
LAT – Mike Memoli
LAT – Evan Handler
McClatchy – Anita Kumar
MSNBC – Alex Seitz-Wald
National Journal – Emily Schultheis
NBC – Mark Murray
NPR – Tamara Keith
NYT – Amy Chozik
NYT – Maggie Haberman
Politico – Annie Karni
Politico – Gabe Debenedetti
Reuters – Amanda Becker
The Hill – Amie Parnes
Washington Post – Anne Gearan
WSJ – Laura Meckler
WSJ – Peter Nicholas
WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

In addition, Breitbart reported how Politico’s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush shared articles with Clinton’s campaign for review before publishing them.

The Washington Free Beacon also reported that CNBC and New York Times reporter John Harwood worked with the Clinton campaign.

There was all kinds of collusion going on during the election, and it’s beginning to look like almost every bit of it came from within the Democrat Party.

The liberals media’s close-knit relationship with Clinton, and former President Barack Obama, underscores a serious problem for Americans who feel they cannot trust the news outlets that claim to be fair but show such hatred for the president.

And yet, even with all of the “help” Clinton received from her lapdog press and with all of the rigging that went on to get her into the White House, she still lost, proving that nothing can save a lousy candidate.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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