BOMBSHELL: Patent Office Received ZERO Complaints About Redskins Name

The Washington Redskins football team is the latest victim of the PC Police and their mission to destroy the First Amendment right of freedom of speech.

Weeks ago, Sen. Harry Reid wrote a letter requesting the team to change its name due to it’s alleged offensive nature to Native Americans. The team told Reid to take a hike and stated they had no intention of changing their name.

Not long after, the government employed thug tactics to punish the Redskins for their resistance, rejecting the team’s trademark. The Redskins are in the process of repealing that decision.

One would think that the public outcry against such an “offensive, inflammatory” name must’ve been huge to gain the attention of a senator. People must have been writing tons of letters complaining about how racist the name was in order to get President Obama to weigh in on the issue.

The number of complaints the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received about the Redskins name was astounding, but not because there were so many. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The agency received zero complaints about the team’s name. Zero.

via Weasel Zippers:

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which is part of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, ruled last month that the name was disparaging to American Indians. The team is appealing that decision.

Politicians, including President Obama, have waded into the team name controversy, with many saying the team should change its name. But despite widespread media attention and a legal fight that goes back more than a decade, the USPTO recently acknowledged there’s hardly been an avalanche of public complaints filed with the agency.

In fact, the agency doesn’t have any record of correspondence from the public about the Redskins’ name — expressing sentiments one way or another — prior to the board’s June 18 ruling.

It’s obvious that the attack on the Redskins has little to do with eradicating racism, and a whole lot do with winning new Democratic voters and opening the door for repealing the First Amendment.

This is a witch hunt, an attempt to make a cultural example out of the Redskins meant to scare the rest of the country so we’ll fall in line with the liberal agenda being promoted by progressives in the government. Hopefully, the Redskins will be allowed to keep their name, which would be a victory for fans of the team and the Constitution.

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Date:Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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