[WATCH] Michele Bachmann: Join the Movement to Impeach Barack Obama [VIDEO]

The movement to impeach the President of the United States is growing every day among the people and even some prominent media figures.  Is Congress finally fulfilling their constitutional obligation to stand up to the executive branch when it becomes too powerful?

Rep. Steve Stockman has been a vocal advocate of impeachment.  He even says he’s got enough votes in the House to do it.  His Republican colleague Michele Bachmann has called out Obama before for his lawlessness and disregard for the Constitution.

Bachmann has joined Stockman in now openly calling for citizens to put the pressure on Congress to initiate impeachment.

Here’s what she said, via The Daily Caller:

“From stem to stern, this president has said, ‘The law doesn’t apply to me,’” Bachmann said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller. “t’s almost like when a parent raises a child with no rules. The child gets to do what ever they want to do; there is no discipline and no standards. The president has decided that the laws don’t apply to him. It’s as though the Magna Carta never existed.

“He’s brought the American people to think that some how he has been given a magic scepter that allows him to change the law into what ever Barack Obama wants the law to be, which is the opposite of our form of government,” Bachmann continued. “No man is above the law, including the president of the United States.”

Bachmann pointed to Obama’s autocratic modifications of Obamacare as evidence of lawlessness.

“It isn’t a law,” she said. “It’s a press conference, or a press release. So now our president rules by tweet, through social media, through a presidential proclamation. Sometimes it’s not even the president’s voice — sometimes it’s the president’s press secretary Jay Carney who issues what the edict is of the president today.”

Bachmann sharply criticized the rule by decree approach arguing that because of it, businesses and American no longer really know what the law of the land is anymore.

“Do they follow the law on a sheet of paper? Or do they follow what the latest whim is of the President of the United States?” she asked. “We are living in such a lawless time that we don’t even know what the law of the land is any more. Who do we follow? Who do we listen to? If we asked our lawyer,  ’Who should we listen to, the  laws on the book? Or the president’s press secretary? Or social media?’ No one knows who to believe anymore… We don’t even know what law is anymore in the United States.”


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When you’ve got a president literally threatening Congress by issuing an ultimatum that “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone and I’m not afraid to use them” to create laws via executive fiat, you’ve got a textbook separation of powers violation, which is without a doubt an impeachable offense.  That’s without mentioning the scandals and corruption that’s coming out of the administration.  It’s time for the talk to end and the action to begin.

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Date:Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

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