BREAKING: White House Defies Congress, John Kerry Will IGNORE Subpoena

Earlier this week, it was announced that John Kerry was being subpoenaed by the House. This is a legally binding demand that he show up, take questions, and help with the investigation into Benghazi. These demands happened after emails were leaked that show that the White House essentially lied about Benghazi for political reasons.

Fast forward to today: The State Department has announced that John Kerry will not obey the subpoena, meaning they’re basically telling the House to drop dead. They say they’ll look for alternative arrangements — but the implied meaning of this is that they think they don’t have to follow orders from congress.

This is fundamentally illegal, a rejection of federal law, and a radical dumping of the checks and balances that the constitution establishes for the different branches of government.

If John Kerry refuses to follow the subpoena, even if he’s open “later” to meet, he should be prosecuted and forced to pay the penalty.

The alternative is essentially a dictatorship by the White House. Everything is at stake here.

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Date:Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

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