MUST SEE: Texas Gun Shop Has a New Anti-Obama Sign Each Week

The Obama administration has put a lot of time and effort into trying to yank the guns out of the hands of American citizens, but to their dismay, have failed miserably.

Guns rights activists are rebelling against legislation which violates their Second Amendment rights, going so far as to refuse to register their weapons.

States like Missouri, West Virginia, Idaho, and many others have taken action to pass bills protecting the Second Amendment or to nullify current gun control laws passed at the federal level.

Even sheriffs have decided to stand up against big government by refusing to enforce gun bans in their local areas.

One gun rights activist in Texas has decided to join the battle to preserve the Second Amendment by posting a new awesome and entertaining sign each week in front of his firearms store.

via TheFederalistPapers.Org:

The owner of this store is a pure genius. Not only is he able to express his First Amendment right in order to defend the Second, but he’s also able to use these signs to bring in more business.

America needs more business owners to step up and start letting the government know that they will not be allowed to bully people into giving up their rights. The more people push on the weak man in the Oval Office, the more likely the administration will be forced to put down their agenda. 

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Date:Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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