UNREAL: Liberals Threaten to “Assassinate” Trey Gowdy Over Benghazi

The truth can be dangerous. Some extremists will go to great lengths to keep the truth from coming out, even if that means threatening harm to United States Congressman Trey Gowdy.

Remember, it is Trey Gowdy who will be leading the House Select Committee into what really happened in Benghazi. Liberals fear that Gowdy, a highly successful prosecutor, will uncover the truth.

That is exactly why threats of harm have been made against Congressman Gowdy. Liberals want the truth to remain hidden so they can protect Obama and Hillary Clinton from facing the consequences of their actions.

POLITICO reports:

The U.S. Capitol Police are investigating threatening emails against Rep. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican recently tapped to lead a special panel probing the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

The investigation comes after POLITICO reporters and journalists at other outlets received two emails on Tuesday warning that Gowdy would be harmed because of his role in investigating the 2012 attacks.

The Capitol Police would not comment on the scope of the investigation but Officer Shennell Antrobus confirmed that there is “an active, open investigation.”

This is not the first time Gowdy has been threatened. As Politico also reported, “In 2012, a woman approached Gowdy with a gun while he was sitting in his car in Spartanburg, S.C.”

[H/T: Washington Times]

We hope the Capitol Police get to the bottom of these threats. This is a serious matter, both because Gowdy was threatened and because it was likely an attempt to dissuade him from getting to the truth.

Gowdy will not back down, and neither will we. Stay tuned for developments in this story.

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Date:Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

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