Georgia is Demanding a “Convention of the States” to Fight Obama’s Agenda

Key conservative leaders are taking steps to free states from the tyrannical nature of Obama’s agenda. Michele Bachmann has joined others in speaking out against the president and encouraging others to join the movement to impeach him.

While conservatives in Congress are trying their hardest to move forward with the impeachment process, Obama’s noose continues to tighten on states’ rights. And while Obamacare is just the tip of the iceberg – the president’s “executive orders” are making a mockery of the constitution – people are beginning to realize just how symbolic Obama’s key legislation is of his entire agenda. It’s even been called a “form of slavery.”

And if we ever want to be free from this type of slavery, we have to get out from under the control of our socialist dictator. We’ve got to take real steps to regain state sovereignty and get back to making our own decisions, not having the federal government make them for us.

Convention of States reports:

The Georgia House has passed the Convention of States application (HR1215) yesterday by a vote of 100-65!

“We Georgians boldly took another few steps out of tyranny yesterday,” said COS Georgia State Director, Jacquie Peterson.

“Those of us who were able to attend this historic vote were honored to be there representing hundreds of thousands of other liberty-loving men and women from across our Nation.  It is our greatest hope that many of our sister States will join with us to lead the way.”

Georgia is looking to become the first state to pass the COS application, and the process is all but complete.  The Georgia Senate passed a slightly different version of the COS resolution several weeks ago, so the leadership from the House and Senate must come together to decide which version they want to use.

Once this decision is made, the House or the Senate (whichever house did not pass the agreed-upon resolution) will vote once more.  After this vote occurs, Georgia will have officially passed the Convention of States application.

We are proud of the steps Georgia has taken and continues to take in this dire situation. We hope that all other 49 states will follow their example and pass the Convention of States application as well. Only then will state leaders be able to come together and come up with a real plan to stand up for our rights and take power from the federal government and back to the states and the people where it belongs.

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Date:Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

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