DAN BONGINO: ‘We are Watching, in Real Time, the Collapse of the Big Government Model’

President Obama is a proponent of the idea of Big Government, as are most progressive liberal socialists.  They never see a problem that can’t be “fixed” by government.

Unfortunately, government rarely ever fixes anything, and almost always makes things worse with unintended consequences.

But the long history of the failures of Big Government won’t stop Obama and the progressives, as they will just suggest more government to fix the problems created by previous government.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent that is now running for Congress in Maryland, recently pointed out that America is watching the failure of Big Government in real time, as the Obama administration stumbles and fumbles from scandal to scandal, piling ineffective policy on top of more ineffective policy.


We are watching, in real time, the collapse of the big-government model on which the house of liberalism has been built. The only question remaining is, when will those on the far left accept the results, rather than the intentions of the big government model?

President Obama ran on the idea that a big government can solve big problems, yet this model has not only not solved any of our big problems, but it has created new ones, while aggravating old ones created by prior administrations.

Think about where we find ourselves. We are in the midst of a border crisis on our southern border, a civil war in Iraq, an aggressive expansion of Russian territory, a historically unpopular healthcare initiative, record numbers of Americans both outside of our workforce and receiving disability payments from the government, a crisis where our own IRS admits to targeting Americans, then pleads the 5th, then “loses” only the emails of the suspects involved, destroys their hard-drives and tells us nothing is wrong. And where is our President on these issues? He is issuing public statements on how he disagrees with the name of an NFL team. Calling this leadership is either willfully misleading or un-willfully blind.

Bongino is right, we are watching the collapse of Big Government right before our very eyes.  All of Obama’s policies, both foreign and domestic, have created new problems that either exacerbate the original problem, or add completely new problems separate from the original.

It almost seems sometimes that Obama wants his policies to fail, which isn’t that outlandish of an idea if you know and understand what the Cloward-Piven strategy is, to overwhelm the “system” and bring about the collapse of the American Republic, so as to institute a new socialist model on the country, the biggest of Big Government.

We honestly shouldn’t be surprised that Obama and Harry Reid are focused on something as insignificant, and none of their business, like the name of a football team.  One the one hand, it is good that they are wasting time focused on that, because it keeps them from implementing more of their awful progressive socialist agenda that will inevitably fail, like every other Big Government solution.

But on the other hand, they continue to drive a wedge between the American people, seizing on any and every opportunity to cry racism and bring about more of the PC police state, where thought crime is punishable by banishment from normal society, lumped in with the worst of the worst, because you dare disagree with what is now deemed politically correct.

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Date:Monday, June 23rd, 2014

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