URGENT: Race Rioters Throw Rocks, Metal Rod at Ferguson Police [PICTURES]

Missouri police

Five people were arrested outside the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department Wednesday night after protesters threw objects at police officers. Demonstrators threw rocks, water bottles and a metal rod, hitting five officers, but there were no injuries reported. Residents and activists have demonstrated in Ferguson and nearby St. Louis daily since the Aug. 9 shooting of

BREAKING: Obama’s Former Secret Service Agent Just Blew the Cover on Major Obama Scandal


Even a former member of the Secret Service is turning on the collapsing Obama administration. What Dan Bongino predicted has sadly come true. One of the guns from the “Fast and Furious” scandal was used and found at a crime scene in Phoenix last year, according to newly obtained documents by Judicial Watch from a

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Left Speechless After Getting Caught in Massive Lie on National TV [VIDEO]


Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz embarrassed herself on national TV this week. She was repeatedly asked, and given plenty of opportunities to respond, about President Barack Obama’s campaign schedule. The chair of the Democratic Party was asked why former President Bill Clinton has been seen on the campaign trail so much more than

This Gun Owner’s Sign Is Clever… Liberals Aren’t a Fan [PICTURE]

nothing inside is worth dying for teaser

As human beings, we are born with the natural and inherent right of self-defense.  As Americans, that right is protected by the Second Amendment, which guarantees that we will always have the right to keep and bear arms, for self-defense or other purposes. Unfortunately, there are a number of politicians and rich liberal activists who

Andrea Tantaros Just Ripped This Anti-Gun Supermodel to Shreds on Live TV [VIDEO]

Tantaros Teigen

Controversial, gun grabbing tweets were sent in the midst of the chaos of the terrorist attack in Ottawa this week. Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Chrissy Teigen fired off the outrageous tweet, “the tweet.” Numerous people immediately took offense to the model’s incredibly insensitive comments. People were outraged, and they called her out for her

This Man Organized Event That Has Muslims Calling for His DEATH [DETAILS]


An activist in Malaysia is in hiding after organizing an event on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur to teach more than 1,000 Muslims about dogs. Hard-line Muslims have threatened to stone the event’s organizer, Syed Azmi Alhabshi, because Islam considers dogs haram, or unclean. The point of the “I Want to Touch a Dog” event was

What Greta Just Had to Say About “White Men” is Going to Make Al Sharpton Go Insane [VIDEO]


America has a long and storied history, of both good things and bad things, that have led us to where we are today. One particularly bad aspect of America’s history is the institutionalized racism that stemmed from slavery and discrimination. However, America has taken immense strides to get past those bad old days, and black

BREAKING: Ferguson Police Are Prepping for War for Disturbing Reason [VIDEO]

Ferguson police

Missouri police are preparing for a possible outbreak of widespread demonstrations in the days leading up to an expected grand jury decision about whether or not to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Police have been meeting with protesters and community leaders in hopes of building relationships that

The Way This School District Took a Stand for the 2nd Amendment is Driving Liberals Insane [PICTURES]

yearbook gun

Although many school systems across America have fallen for the liberal lie that guns breed violence, one Nebraska district made a decision last week that demonstrates that common sense still exists in America’s heartland. Starting this year, high school seniors in the Broken Bow School District will be allowed to pose with guns for their yearbook

Watch This Journalist Actually Do His Job and Call the White House Out on Their Secret Plan [VIDEO]

Ed Henry

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday denied that a government requisition for supplies need to make millions of identification cards had anything to do with a planned executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Conservative Tribune has previously reported on the requisition by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for up to nine million

URGENT: This Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud Was Just Released

Barack Obama

Voter fraud – we hear about it after every election and at this point, assume it’s taking place somewhat regularly. A bombshell study was just released that confirms fears that voter fraud is not only active and happening, but that it could be a much larger problem than originally thought and instances of this particular

Sarah Palin Just Destroyed Liberal Feminists on National TV in Epic Rant [WATCH]

Sarah Palin takes on liberal feminists

Progressive liberal Democrats don’t have any new ideas, which is why they continue to push tired old tripe like “racism” and the “war on women“. These aren’t so much “ideas” on the part of Democrats, but merely tactics used to silence and marginalize dissent and opposition to their agenda. But Sarah Palin is having none

Liberals Demand Owner Change the Name of His Restaurant… His Response is Perfect


There is a new form of fascism at play in this country, and it goes by the name of political correctness. Anything that is deemed as “offensive” to individuals or the “community”, or isn’t in in line with the progressive ideology is marginalized and silenced. So it is that liberals in Colorado have gotten their

URGENT: Liberals Send Death Threats to 11-Year-Old Boy Over This Facebook Post [PICTURE]

liberal death threats to 11-yr old hunter

An 11-year old Michigan boy recently bagged a once-in-a-lifetime trophy albino buck during a hunt with his dad, and is now receiving death threats from angry and intolerant liberals, according to Western Journalism. Gavin Dingman was out hunting, along with his dad Mick, when they spotted the rare albino deer.  Gavin was able to drop

In 11 Seconds, Obama May Have Just Destroyed This Democrat’s Election Chances [AUDIO]

Obama and Nunn

Democrats have already been struggling mightily to retain control of the United States Senate in this years upcoming midterm elections. Their task just became a lot harder, courtesy of recent comments by President Barack Obama. Obama made his remarks to Ryan Cameron on the Atlanta radio station V-103, saying, “And if Michelle Nunn wins, that

BREAKING: New “Fast and Furious” Evidence Proves Holder and Valerie Jarrett Should Both Be in Jail

Obama and Valerie Jarrett

Eric Holder’s continuing status as an unindicted man has been a source of constant wonder to anyone who’s paid attention to the Fast and Furious scandal, and, given of Valerie Jarrett’s role in any number of debacles, one wonders why she hasn’t left the White House to lawyer up and practice taking the Fifth  spend more time with

URGENT: Feds Make Massive Move to Silence Conservatives on the Internet [DETAILS]

Obama Holds Summit With Karzai At White House

Liberal Democrat progressives don’t like free speech, especially of the political kind, as they cannot tolerate opposition or dissenting opinions. Ever since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, the Democrats have launched an all-out offensive against the First Amendment, using international treaties, the IRS, and other regulatory agencies to monitor and chill political speech that

Brawl Erupts Between Michael Brown’s Family Members for Insane Reason [VIDEO]

Michael Brown

Members of Michael Brown’s family got into a violent confrontation last Saturday night over merchandising rights for the slain teen’s image. According to a report from KTVI, Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, got into a heated argument with Tony Petty, Brown’s cousin, and Pearlie Gordon, Brown’s grandmother in the parking lot of a barbecue restaurant in Ferguson,

What Hillary Clinton Just Said Could Sink Her 2016 Hopes for Good [VIDEO]

Hillary is a socialist

Although nobody can name any actual “accomplishments” of Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and Senator is still somehow the presumptive Democrat nominee for President in 2016. In truth, the only thing she should be nominated for is prison, as she is a highly corrupt and unethical lying liar that bears responsibility for the

Sarah Palin Just Issued a Dire Warning About What Obama Has Planned After the Election [VIDEO]

Sarah Palin

The Islamic State has pledged to attack to United States. It even has supporters within our country. Ebola is an ever-growing risk. We hear about these threats and dangers on the news and in the headlines every day. And yet President Obama continues to allow our border to remain porous. Sarah Palin doesn’t understand this,

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