BREAKING: House Votes “YES” to Lawsuit Against Obama [DETAILS]

U.S. President Barack Obama

House Republicans recently decided that Barack Obama needed a strong reminder that the office of President of the United States is not a free pass to break the law and do as he pleases. GOP lawmakers decided to deliver that message by filing a lawsuit against the president, which the House officially passed Wednesday evening with

Israeli Officials: John Kerry is Launching a “Strategic Terrorist Attack” Against Israel

Kerry Continues His Campaign

Israel has come under attack from terrorists who want to destroy their way of life, and from one of their strongest allies who was supposed to be backing them up and supporting their efforts to shut down Hamas. While the ally in question, the United States, isn’t dropping bombs on the Jewish nation, the government

BREAKING: Israel Levels Home of Hamas Terrorist Leader

Gaza Airstrike

Intense fighting continues as troops of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) demolish tunnels and weapons used by Hamas, Islamic Jihad–both designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the United States–and other radical Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli people are committed to a long conflict, if that is what is required. The IDF has called

Israeli Official: Obama “Yelled” at Israel’s Leader to Demand He Cave to Terrorists [WATCH]

Obama Campaigns Across The U.S. In Final Week Before Election

The current Commander-in-Chief seems to lack understanding when it comes to foreign policy and properly respecting leaders of countries around the world. A good case in point is the president’s treatment of Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East. Obama has been dead set against Israel and their attempt to defend themselves from Hamas rockets,

BOMBSHELL: IRS Teams Up With Atheists to Go After Churches [WATCH]

Obama Campaigns Across The U.S. In Final Week Before Election

It seems that the IRS simply can’t keep themselves out of the targeting business, as they’ve joined forces with atheists to start cracking down on churches for engaging in political activity. Liberals are once again attempting to use the IRS as an “enforcer,” a weapon to use against those who voice their dissent against the

GOOD: Trey Gowdy’s Investigation to Meet With Benghazi Victims’ Families

South Carolina Republican Representative Trey Gowdy

After almost two years of waiting, the families of the victims who were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, are finally coming closer to getting the justice they deserve. Despite significant Democratic opposition, House Republicans established a Select Committee under Representative Trey Gowdy in May of this year to investigate the attack

Fox News: Soldiers Told Not to Eat or Drink in Front of Muslims [WATCH]

U.S. Soldiers Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary At Bagram Air Field

Obama and his liberal cronies preach constantly about political correctness and tolerance, yet the only “religion” they seem to tolerate is Islam. It’s no secret that the president has warm affections for the Muslim religion, as is evidenced by a recent statement addressed to those who practice Islam, commending them for “building the fabric of

BREAKING: National “Pray for Israel” Day Launched for August 3rd

Israeli Flag

In times of great need or crisis, America’s leaders, Democrat and Republican, have called the nation to prayer. The tradition dates back to the Founding Fathers, who often sought prayer during and after the War of Independence. Lincoln famously called the nation to a day of “humiliation, fasting and prayer” at the height of the

3-Star General: The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated the White House

white house

Barack Obama seems to have made it clear over the last few weeks that he does indeed have a soft spot when it comes to radical Muslim terrorists. The president continues to back Hamas both financially and in his foreign policy, constantly smashing on Israel for their ground operations in Gaza which are geared toward

10+ Militia Units Are Patrolling and Defending the Border [PICTURES]


Americans are furious with President Obama and his lack of action to solve the border crisis that has moved beyond southern states and has started to impact communities all across the country. Thousands of illegals continue to pour into the nation and are shipped off to different towns and cities with the expectation that locals

CONFIRMED: Trey Gowdy Will Subpoena Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi

Trey Gowdy 2

As the House investigation into Benghazi prepares to begin hearings in just over a month, Representative Trey Gowdy, who leads the Benghazi Select Committee looking into the terror attacks and their aftermath, is prepared to call high-profile witnesses. Among those that he seems likely to call: former UN ambassador Susan Rice, former CIA Director General

GOOD: Congressman Launches Legislation to Immediately Deport the Illegals

Border Fence

The mainstream media often portrays the crisis of illegal immigration brought about by President Obama’s executive orders creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) as “humanitarian” because of the number of allegedly unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally. Texas Representative Louie Gohmert has spent three weekends on the border recently with the Border

The Movement to Fire Harry Reid is Exploding: “He Needs to Go” [VIDEO]

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Many Democrats running for election in 2014–even incumbents running for re-election–are understandably nervous. They know that the American people are fed up with Washington’s gridlock and partisan attacks and it’s been so long since they’ve seen any statesmanship from the Senate that they probably wouldn’t recognize it if they did. The left and its allies

IT’S HAPPENING: Trey Gowdy Announces the First Benghazi Hearing

Trey Gowdy

It’s been almost two years since the terror attacks on a U.S. diplomatic mission and nearby CIA complex in Benghazi, Libya that took the lives of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens on September 11, 2012. Since the events of that fateful evening, the left has done all they could to keep the American

BREAKING: Bill to Name Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization Gains Steam


Congressional efforts underway to officially label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization are starting to pick up steam and make serious progress. The bill, known as the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2014, was created by Rep. Michelle Bachmann, and seeks to lay out some heavy sanctions against the organization, as well as affiliate

Krauthammer: John Kerry is Acting Like Hamas Terrorists’ Lawyer [WATCH]

Charles Krauthammer

Hamas has since 1997 been formally designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization, yet President Barack Obama continues to fund them as a partner in the elected government of the Palestinian Authority, which should raise the question–but doesn’t seem to have–of whether funding a terrorist organization rises to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” established in

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says Hamas Terrorists Are a “Humanitarian Organization” [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi

Politicians sometimes say things they regret. Unless they say so later in a memoir or even–less frequently–a public retraction or apology, we don’t always know what those things are. Often, but not always, they are statements that make the speaker seem out of touch with world events. For example, George W. Bush probably regrets telling

Senior Israeli Official to Obama: “Leave Us Alone Already”

Barack Obama Campaigns In Iowa, Missouri, And Montana Ahead Of The DNC

Israel has been under constant attack, not only from Hamas, but from their biggest ally, the United States, although these attacks aren’t done with physical weapons, but political ones. President Obama has landed blow after blow on Israel’s chin, doing all that is in his power to stop the Jewish nation from making progress in

Immigration Expert: Obama is “Aiding and Abetting” Mexican Drug Cartels

U.S. President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama continues to exacerbate America’s crisis of illegal immigration with threats of executive action to expand his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to cover additional illegals. The program now allows many illegals to stay and work in the United States and reports indicate that Obama is planning to extend the same privileges

POLL: 64% of Hispanics Want Illegals Deported


President Obama and many of the progressives currently in office hoped that by ignoring the border crisis, the influx of illegals crossing over would convince Americans that mass amnesty was needed, giving the president leverage to justify using an executive order to bypass Congress. The hope was that anyone who states they want these individuals sent home

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