Criminal Lawyer: Hillary Committed Crimes at Benghazi [WATCH]

Hillary Clinton Gives Internet Freedom Address

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is under fire from criminal lawyer, Victoria Toensing, who says that her neglect of security arrangements for State Department employees working in Benghazi is a violation of the law. A law was passed by Congress at the tail end of the 1990s that requires the Secretary of State to

WATCH: Mitt Romney Makes Obama Look Foolish in Just 46 Seconds [VIDEO]

Mitt Romney

As President Barack Obama’s foreign policy continues to degrade the safety and security of Americans and, indeed, people around the world, it has become increasingly clear that this president views the world scene very differently from most Americans. He has made it clear that he favors radical Islamic terrorist groups over Israel or even America’s

BREAKING: Obama Launches Flight Boycott of Israel [DETAILS]

President Obama Signs

Israel is currently engaged in a fight for their very right to exist, battling against an enemy that openly wishes to wipe them off the map.  Israel has agreed to temporary ceasefires and a peace agreement, but Hamas refuses to agree and continues to launch rockets into Israel. Israel has tried to minimize civilian casualties

Israel: Time for John Kerry to Go Home [WATCH]

Secretary of State John Kerry

President Barack Obama seems to believe his own press: that he can fix any problem, solve any crisis, bring peace where none exists, if only people would do what he says. What’s worse, members of his administration seem to have come to believe the same thing. This is despite the clear evidence to the contrary.

Judge Jeanine: Barack Obama Has Blood on His Hands [WATCH]

Judge Jeanine Pirro

The crisis on America’s southern border has been coming for some time, and President Barack Obama has known about it and intentionally hid it from the American people, according to former prosecutor and Judge Jeanine Pirro. She sees the crisis as an intentional ploy by the Obama administration to change the demographics–and therefore the electorate–of

Israel’s Leader Perfectly Defends His Country in Just 3 Minutes [WATCH VIDEO]


The current conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to heat up, not only on the battlefield in Gaza, but around the world, as pro-Hamas demonstrations are taking place all throughout Europe. Much of the backlash that Israel is receiving is the result of progressive tactics being used in the media for propaganda purposes. Critics of

Allen West: Obama Complains About Fake Racism Because He’s “Devoid of Character” [WATCH SPEECH]

Allen West

President Barack Obama has come under increasing criticism for the consistent failure of his policies both domestically and around the world. Because his policies are based on liberal ideas that have failed time and time again in history, he has no way–either with logic or with evidence–to argue for his position. Obama’s favorite argument is

UNREAL: Obama Wants to Give $500 MILLION More to Islamic Militants

Barack Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting in Green Bay

For those few select individuals, who for reasons that defy common sense, refuse to believe that President Obama is completely incompetent when it comes to foreign policy, his latest blunder should put all doubts to rest. Back in 2012, the president stumbled and fumbled his way through a mess of tangled affairs in Syria, inching

Awesome: Ordinary Citizen Takes Huge Steps to Help Secure the Border [WATCH]

Citizen Border

As America’s crisis of illegal immigration at the southern border continues, Americans are taking action to address the issue that the federal government not only is ignoring, but also created in the first place. States along the border have stepped up their own efforts to police the border in the absence of federal resources, and

Hillary Clinton Attacks Israel, Says They’re Conquerors Who “Deny Dignity”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visits China

When it comes to foreign policy, it seems that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton have a clue what they’re talking about. The former Secretary of State has been in the hot seat for her involvement in the Benghazi scandal for almost a year now, and one would think with that situation coming to a

Retired General: State Dept. Was Arming Al Qaeda Alliance at Benghazi [WATCH]

Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely

Almost since the evening of the September 11, 2012 attacks by radical Islamist terrorists at Benghazi, Libya, rumors have spread as to what Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was based in Tripoli, was doing at the U.S. diplomatic mission there. Clumsy efforts orchestrated by the Obama administration to blame the attacks on an anti-Islamic video during

ALERT: The United Nations is Pushing for a “Gun Control” Treaty

65th United Nations General Assembly Convenes

The Second Amendment right to bear arms is one that our Founders deemed to be a critically  important natural right handed down to humanity by God. Owning a firearm enables individuals to provide adequate protection for themselves and their loved ones against criminals seeking to deprive them of life and property, as well as a tyrannical

Israel’s Leader to Obama: Israel Will ALWAYS Defend Herself

Netanyahu Reshuffles Israeli Cabinet After New Party Forms

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a prime example of excellent leadership in a time of crisis. While his country is under attack from Hamas terrorists who want nothing more than to annihilate his people, Netanyahu hasn’t taken a vacation or hit up the golf course, opting instead to work hard coordinating military efforts to

Army Col. to Obama: I’m “Glad” Israel is Ignoring You

President Obama Speaks At The Fiscal Responsibility Summit

President Obama is one of the most arrogant liberals to ever occupy the White House, and his handling of the conflict in Gaza provides further proof this is true. After the murder of three Jewish teenagers by Hamas, and countless rocket attacks by the terror organization, Israel vowed to strike back hard in order to

Rob Lowe: “I Want Government Out of Almost Everything” [WATCH]

Rob Lowe

There are so many big government leftists among the Hollywood elite that conservatives can sometimes forget that we have a handful of celebrity allies on the right, too. Some, such as Chuck Norris or John Voigt, actually speak out or write columns expressing a conservative viewpoint. Others may take a less visible role–either in fear

Howard Stern: “If You’re Anti-Israel, You’re Anti-American” [Language Warning]


Howard Stern doesn’t always say things the way we want to hear them, but he never pulls punches and always speaks his mind. He demonstrated this again recently when he responded to a caller who predicted that Stern would “change his tune” when it comes to the Israel – Hamas conflict once he learned more

Mayor of Jerusalem: “We Will Not Stop” Until Terrorists Are Defeated


While the nation of Israel is fighting for its right to exist, liberal media outlets all around the globe are busy at work on a hatchet campaign to paint Israelis as the bad guys in their latest battle with Hamas. Progressives and pro-Hamas protesters are greedily feasting on the misinformation they’re being spoon fed by

Former VP Candidate Asks: “Is Obama Waging Jihad Against America?”

President Barack Obama

Wayne Allyn Root says he has always taken President Barack Obama at his word when he says he’s an American-born Christian. Now that he’s had over five years to watch this president’s actions in office, he still takes him at his word–sort of. Root believes that “American-born Christian” doesn’t fully describe Barack Obama. “I’ve met

Judge Jeanine: It’s Time For Obama to Put His “Big Boy Pants On” and Defend America [WATCH]

judge jeanine

If there’s one thing the last six years has proven, it’s that Barack Obama is not only the worst president to sit in the White House, he’s also one of the worst world leaders to grace the global stage. Obama has been pounded constantly by conservatives for being a weak leader, not only in moral

This One Picture Explains Perfectly Why Israel is Right to Fight Back [PICTURE]

Parliament Rockets

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s certainly what the Israel Defense Forces hope is true as they attempt to help others understand their decision to engage in military action in the Gaza Strip. The IDF recently posted an obviously doctored image of rockets flying over the British Parliament, which has also

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