Fox News Host Says He’ll Bet “Every Penny I’ll Ever Make” on This Challenge to the White House [WATCH]

shep smith

Fox News host Shepard Smith is a betting man when the odds are stacked in his favor, saying he would “bet every penny I will ever make at this network” that Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan won’t join the U.S. coalition against the Islamic State. He’s right. Josh Earnest, the White House press

Retired Colonel on the “Islamic State”: “Kill Every Last One Then Kill His Pet Goat” [WATCH]


President Obama’s idea for dealing with terrorists has proven to lack substance, since most of his plan consists of actionable steps such as “dialogues” without any actual military opposition. In other words, Obama is too weak to stand up to Islamic State bullies, killing thousands of people and would rather have a friendly fire side

Navy SEAL: Hillary is Personally Responsible for Benghazi Security [WATCH VIDEO]

Hillary Benghazi

Anybody who has taken more than a casual glance at the Benghazi terror attacks knows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bears responsibility for the attack, and is complicit in the administration cover up that followed. News recently broke that several of Hillary Clinton’s top aides and associates at the State Department hid numerous

Mark Levin Apologizes to All Families of Fallen Soldiers for Barack H. Obama [WATCH]

Mark Levin apologizes for Obama to families of fallen soldiers

Conservative talk radio host and author Mark Levin has been a staunch opponent of President Obama since day one. He has called Obama “a disgrace” and said that he is the “biggest screwup in American history“. Levin has encouraged the Republican party to return to their principles, stand up, and oppose Obama’s agenda.  He is

[PHOTO] Cheerleader’s Bold Move During a Moment of Silence Led Hundreds to Join

praying cheerleaders

Atheists may soon learn that their attacks on the free practice of religion backfire almost every time. Sure, they enjoy the occasional success, such as the recent decision by the Air Force not to require the mention of God in their Oath of Enlistment, but even those are often reversed over time. Whether or not

What Trey Gowdy Just Said Proves He’s Not Going to Back Down From the Benghazi Truth [WATCH]

Trey Gowdy

After several administration investigations into the Benghazi attacks and their aftermath failed to uncover the full truth that Americans want and deserve, House Republicans voted to create the Select Committee on Benghazi, and Congressman Trey Gowdy was named to lead it. Time has demonstrated that Gowdy was the right choice. The former prosecutor simply wants

Michelle Obama Tells Kids With Cancer That Her Life is “Hard”

Michelle Obama Welcomes Military Families To White House To View Holiday Decorations

If anyone doubted that over privileged Michelle Obama was delusional, her recent statement about how hard life can be in the White House, which was delivered to a group of cancer-stricken children, should convince just about anyone. Obama recently visited St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee where she held a question-and-answer session with children

UNREAL: School BANS American Flag on Mexican Holiday… The Reason Why is Disgusting

school bans american flag apparel

Lately it seems that the American flag, the symbol of all that our nation is and has been, is under assault by progressive liberals, as evidenced by the recent story of Chicago firefighters being fired for not removing American flag stickers from their lockers or helmets. Homeowners in many communities are being told to remove

BREAKING: This Huge Lawsuit Launched That Could Take Down Common Core for Good [DETAILS]

common core

Gretchen Logue and Anne Gassel, anti-Common Core activists from the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core have joined together with Fred N.Saur, a former Republican candidate to file a lawsuit against Gov. Jay Nixon to stop taxpayer dollars from being used to fund the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The SBAC is one of two organizations responsible

Huffington Post Tried to Smear Elisabeth Hasselbeck… But Her Response Was Perfect [TWEETS]


Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a well known voice in the conservative movement recently took to Twitter to neatly stuff the ultimate joke of journalism, the Huffington Post, back in their place for trying to smear her for bringing Benghazi into the call for more transparency in the NFL. Several stories have made it into mainstream media involving

The Reason Why Hillary Says She’s “Embarrassed” of America is Absurd

Hillary not fit to lead

The United Nations is always passing new treaties and agreements, which often go unsigned and unratified by the United States, for good reason. The UN views themselves as being above the US, and believe that their treaties trump the US Constitution.  As such, their treaties usually usurp and infringe on US sovereignty, and seek to

This Video of US Marines Singing a Popular Christian Song is Going Viral… And Liberals Hate It [WATCH]

worshipping Marines

From their battles with the radical Islamic Barbary Coast Pirates over two-hundred years ago to their current deployments overseas, the U.S. Marine Corps has always lived up to its motto, Semper Fidelis. In fact, even when they’re not in battle, the Marines still inspire. Take, for example, the Marine pilot who, when his jet’s landing

VICTORY: Football Players Win Fight Against Atheists [DETAILS]

football helmets

Arkansas State University has decided to reverse its decision to ban memorial crosses that team members had placed on their helmets to honor two deceased teammates. Angry atheists threw one of their infamous temper tantrums upon seeing the crosses on players’ helmets saying it violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. The decals were to

This Video of Robin Williams Mocking Radical Islam Shows Why He Was Loved [WATCH]

Robin Williams

Liberals who insist on abiding by the leftist ideal of political correctness don’t know what they’re missing. By attempting to control what others say by censoring how they say it, they reduce both diversity and individual liberty. They also pay huge opportunity costs–in worrying about being politically correct, they bypass other, far more important, issues.

Wow… What the Feds Just Did to Sheriff Joe Could Be Punishment for Standing Against Obama

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

In the wake of the protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and the militarized police response, many people began questioning where law enforcement agencies were getting their armored vehicles, body armor, rifles, and tear gas grenade launchers from. It has sparked a debate about the militarization of local police agencies, and has given rise to

This Official Just Turned His Back on Obama by Revealing This at Trey Gowdy’s Hearing [WATCH]

Todd Keil

Just over two years ago, radical Islamic militants killed four Americans during a series of attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission and nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya. Within hours, President Barack Obama got right to work lying to the nation about it. Well, after a good night’s sleep, anyway. The American people are convinced

This SEAL Was Shot by Al Qaeda 27 Times. He Said He Survived Because… [WATCH]

navy seal

U.S. military forces are some of the bravest and toughest warriors on the planet, risking their lives every day to ensure that America stays safe and free, which often comes with a high price, as one Navy SEAL discovered after being shot 27 times by Al-Qaeda terrorists, and lived to tell the tale. SEAL Sr.

UNREAL: Black Panthers Threaten to Lynch Black Conservative for Supporting Officer Wilson [PICTURE]

Martin Baker

The shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by white Police Officer Darren Wilson seemed to many, at first, to be a case of racial injustice, leading to riots and looting in the St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Ferguson. As more information about the incident came out, however, the contingent supporting Wilson grew larger and more

Democrat Introduces a Special Tax Bill to Punish the Washington Redskins [DETAILS]

Washington Redskins

Liberal Democrats have many goals. Among them are increased taxes, nearly unlimited federal power, and a nation divided so that it pays less attention to their efforts to attain the first two objectives. The “scandal” over the name of the Washington Redskins is tailor-made for all three. The federal government has no business deciding the

This Gun Owner’s Epic Sign in His Front Yard is Going Viral [PICTURE]

gun sign2

Anti-gun liberals are often under the delusional belief that if they somehow manage to ban all guns, violence around the world will grind to a halt and everyone will gather around the fire and sing “Kumbaya.” One proud gun owner who appeared to have had one too many gun control debates with a liberal, gun-hating

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