“Duck Dynasty” Just Came Up With a Whole New Way to Spread Their Message [VIDEO]

Duck Dynasty game

The Robertson family business is growing yet again. The Robertsons, of television’s “Duck Dynasty” fame, are expanding into the video game market. The Robertsons built their initial fortune on the “Duck Commander” company, specializing in manufactured duck calls for duck hunting. They became pop culture icons upon the resounding success of their A&E reality television

This Couple Who Received Bad Service Did Something Totally Unexpected… It’s Going Viral [PICTURE]

featured tip

In the new world of social media, you never know what’s going to garner enough attention from a distracted public to go viral. It could be the image of a laughing baby, a sneezing panda, or — Heaven help us — yet another cat video. Sometimes the video is inspiring, like a group of young

Mitt Romney is Preparing One of the Biggest Political Comebacks of All Time… Here’s Why

Mitt Romney political comeback

Mitt Romney has said repeatedly that he is not running for President again in 2016. However, it seems recently that Romney is mounting a political comeback, and has hinted that he may consider running again. This is likely due, in part, to recent polls showing he would beat President Obama in a rematch, along with

Here’s Why Lois Lerner Should Spend YEARS in Prison [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lois Lerner

During the 24-month period ending in May 2012, Lois Lerner’s Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS delayed the applications for tax exempt status of 298 organizations. Of that number, 29 were from left-leaning organizations, according to an analysis shared by TPNN. Another 21 were unidentified as either either liberal or conservative. That means that 248

“The Five” Agree: Obama is Intentionally Putting Americans In Danger… Watch Bob Beckel Go Nuts

Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel, known for losing control of his temper — and his tongue — as co-host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” has apparently done it again. This time the co-hosts were discussing whether President Barack Obama was intentionally making America less safe by putting political correctness over national security, according to The Blaze. Greg

Wow… Democrat Congressman Says He’s Ashamed of His “Whiteness”


Just when it seems the politically correct garbage that flows out of the mouths of Democrats in Congress can’t possibly get any more loony, along comes Rep. Graig Meyer and his “white guilt.” The North Carolina congressman is causing eye rolls across the country for saying he’s “ashamed of his whiteness.” Meyer was recently quoted in

Rick Perry Just Made an Announcement About His Future That Will Drive Mexico Crazy [WATCH]

Rick Perry prepared for 2016

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss his likely run for President in 2016, and what a Rick Perry Presidency would look like. Some of the issues discussed included how he would handle the radical Islamic State, his plans for border security, his thoughts on energy independence, and his take

Here’s Why the US Military is About to Turn On Obama Once and For All

Obama kicks his feet up

With each passing day, opposition to President Obama within the military grows stronger and stronger, as men and women in uniform have grown sick and tired of serving a Commander-in-Chief that openly disrespects them, doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together when it comes to foreign policy, and can’t make a solid, firm decision

If What This DOJ Official Just Said is True, Holder Must NOT Be Allowed to Walk Away Free [WATCH]

Eric Holder

A former Justice Department official with experience during both the Bush and Obama years says that the difference in the DOJ between the two administrations was “night and day.” Former DOJ election attorney J. Christian Adams says that under Attorney General Eric Holder, civil rights laws that had guided the department in the past “became

If America Took This Advice from Phil Robertson, Our Country Would Be a Much Better Place [LISTEN]


Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has become something of a modern day prophet or sage, calling out the various ills of modern American culture, asking the country to repent and once again follow God to restore the nation to its former glory. Robertson recently spoke out about the moral decline in America, and the advice

DEVELOPING: One of Eric Holder’s Final Moves as Attorney General Will Put Us All in Danger [DETAILS]

Eric Holder

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is about to expand a long-standing policy against racial and religious profiling during federal investigations, according to a report from Fox News. The change will apply bans on racial profiling to national security investigations, rolling back some of the authority given to federal law enforcement agencies in the wake of

Ron Paul’s Call to Action Could Instigate a Massive State Rebellion Against Obama [READ]

secession movement growing

After watching the Scottish referendum on Independence from the UK almost succeed, talk of state secession and independence in the US has increased. There are multiple groups pushing for their states to secede from the Union, Texas being the biggest, and groups within states pushing to form their own separate state within the Union. The

This Leech Tried to Rip Off Taxpayers With This Bogus Check… But It Backfired [WATCH]


At this point, the blatant stupidity of some individuals in our culture shouldn’t be all that mind blowing, yet some how it is. A Georgia woman thought she was pulling off the scheme to end all schemes when she attempted to fool the government into sending her a tax return check for $94 million, which is

Rick Perry Just Revealed Something Special He’d Do as President… The Opposite of Obama [WATCH]

Rick Perry on Morning Joe

Texas Governor Rick Perry just walked into the lion’s den that is MSNBC, and emerged completely unscathed, perhaps even having gained support. Perry appeared on Morning Joe with host Joe Scarborough and friends, where they discussed the likely possibility that he will be running for President again in 2016. The conversation focused mostly on what

URGENT: Mob of Black Teenagers BEAT Elderly Man in the Street… Media Silent [VIDEO]

black mob

A mob of 40 black teenagers in Memphis, Tennessee took to the streets after a football game and severely beat an elderly man in the street, yet the media is sitting quietly, refusing to talk about the incident for fear of not being “politically correct.” Witnesses claim to have seen the mob destroying cars and

Former Judge Confirms That the Oklahoma Terrorist Could Get a Special Kind of Justice

Judge Napolitano

A former judge says that Alton Alexander Nolen could be facing the death penalty if found guilty of beheading a former co-worker and assaulting a second after being fired from his job at the food processing plant where they all worked. Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said that Nolen will likely be

Megyn Kelly Drops Huge Bombshell About Terrorist Mosque in Oklahoma [WATCH]

Megyn Kelly Oklahoma Mosque

As we watch the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, with all of it’s brutality and beheadings, we are seeing an influx of foreign radicalized jihadist fighters to the region, with many of them coming from Europe and North America. This has led to closer scrutiny of some Islamic Mosques here in

BOMBSHELL: Obama Has SKIPPED This Basic Duty Nearly 60 Percent of the Time [DETAILS]

McCain And Obama Square Off In First Presidential Debate

One of the fundamental duties of the president is to keep America safe from threats both foreign and domestic, a job which requires the office holder to be well informed about what’s going on around the world, which is why intelligence briefings are held daily. Unfortunately, President Obama, a man who seems to be devoid

BREAKING: This Federal Judge Just Struck a Massive Blow to Obamacare [DETAILS]

Barack Obama

Despite an IRS ruling that approved them, subsidies to residents in states without a state insurance exchange violate the language of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to a federal judge in Oklahoma. As written, the ACA clearly provides for health insurance subsidies only for residents in states that set up their own exchanges. President

Rick Perry’s Icy-Cold Warning to Thugs Who Try to Break Into His Home is Perfect [WATCH]

rick perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a strong message for any thugs who might be foolishly thinking of breaking into the governor’s mansion: try it, and you’ll be knocked “dead down.” Perry recently made an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program discussing the recent White House security breach where an armed man not only got over

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