UNREAL: Illegals Just Took the Border Invasion to a Whole New Level [VIDEO]

Beach Invasion

Claims by the left that there is no need for additional border security to protect America have never seemed particularly credible. This is especially true when they are made by someone like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has proven time and time again that he is willing to say whatever he thinks will be

Famous Black Conservative Professor Has a Message for the Race Baiters

Walter E Williams

Liberal race baiters and hustlers like to constantly harp on racism in America today.  They blame all of the ills of society on discrimination and slavery. Astoundingly, even people like President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, black men who have reached the very pinnacle of success in this country, still claim that they are

BREAKING: Harry Reid’s Old College Just Kicked His Name Off the Buildings [DETAILS]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not having a good year. To begin with, he has been widely mocked for his assertion that America’s southern border is secure, despite the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that have poured into the country since last fall. To make matters worse, his name has become a rallying

“Wheel of Fortune” Host Pat Sajak Has a Perfect Response to Liberal Hypocrites [READ]

Pat Sajak

President Obama likes to go golfing.  Yeah, we get that.  We don’t mind him going golfing occasionally, as everyone needs some sort of activity to relax and unwind with. However, it seems like he is always “off to the links”, regardless of what may be going on in the world around us. He has even

This World Leader Just Humiliated Obama by Showing Him How Real Leaders Act [WATCH]

David Cameron

As President Barack Obama works to lower his golf score and raise the amount of money in liberal Democrat campaign coffers, some world leaders are taking action against the radical Islamic terrorism that threatens western culture. Benjamin Netanyahu is primary among these, of course, as his Israel Defense Forces stand literally on the front line

Does Trey Gowdy Have Evidence That Could Lead to the Arrest of Barack Obama? [WATCH]

Trey Gowdy

It’s no surprise to anyone who pays much attention that the Obama administration hides the truth from Congress and the American people. Lois Lerner’s emails previously indicated her direct intent to prevent information from getting to House Republicans charged with overseeing government officials, and recent disclosures that she illegaly destroyed her Blackberry after being called

This Speech by Rick Perry Might Just Be a Defining Moment for America

Rick Perry AFP speech

Texas Governor Rick Perry has most likely catapulted himself to the front of the pack of potential Presidential candidates in 2016. He has made Texas an economic success story, and is saving the taxpayer’s money, even while withstanding partisan attacks from disgruntled political opponents. He has taken on the border security that the Obama administration

PICTURE: White House Responds to Jailed Marine’s Petition… by PRAISING Mexico

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama should have the phrase “too little, too late” printed on his business cards. That’s been his response, after all, to essentially every situation and crisis he’s encountered (or caused) during his six years in office. He has ignored the Russian annexation of Crimea, threatening useless sanctions that even senior Russian officials openly

Sheriff to Feds: Take Away Our Guns and There’ll Be “Civil War” [WATCH CLIP]

Sheriff Mike Lewis

When conservatives think about states that honor the Second Amendment right of all Americans to keep and bear arms, they most likely think primarily of states in the West and Deep South–states like Texas, Arizona, or perhaps North Carolina. But a surprising number of Democrat strongholds farther to the north, as it turns out, can

Citizen Writes “Open Letter” Blasting Michelle Obama… And It’s Going Viral

First Lady Michelle Obama

As angry and disappointed as the majority of Americans are now with President Barack Obama, they really have no one but themselves to blame. They, after all, are the ones who elected him. Twice. That is not the case, however, with Michelle, who, despite having been elected by no one, has worked to enact her

BUSTED: Obama Has a Plan to Use the Military on American Citizens [WATCH]

Barack Obama

The aftermath of the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white Police Officer Darren Wilson has led to public debate about a lot of topics. One issue may not have gotten the attention it deserves. Many have decried the tendency of the liberal media to rush to judgment against the police. Others have

This Epic Beatdown of Obama is EXACTLY Why America Loves Megyn Kelly [WATCH]

Megyn Kelly doesnt like getting interrupted

President Barack Obama simply doesn’t seem to care very much anymore about the office of the presidency. He has taken a lot of criticism for his lavish golf vacations recently–much of it deserved–but the problem is more than just that. The president doesn’t seem engaged even when he’s not on vacation. After hearing about the

Fox News Star Stacey Dash Blasts Obama for Being a Child on Foreign Policy [WATCH]

Stacey Dash

President Barack Obama’s domestic policies–Obamacare, amnesty, the Common Core–have been absolutely disastrous for America’s future. Sadly, his foreign policy is demonstrably worse. He has ignored too many situations for too long, and when he does do something, it’s usually a half-measure that degrades the situation rather than improving it. Criticism of this president’s foreign policy

SICK: Hillary Clinton Just Defended Hamas for Using Human Shields [WATCH]


Given that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has built her career on defending scumbags, it should come as no surprise that she would go out of her way to defend Hamas terrorists for using civilian locations to launch attacks on Israel. Clinton recently made it clear that she’s not the Jewish nation’s number one

This Black Marine Has His Own “Challenge” for Blacks… And It’s Hilarious [WATCH]


Racial tension in Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting of black man Michael Brown has prompted tons of race baiting and division, but it’s also sparked a bit of intelligent debate about racial profiling and how both law enforcement and members of the black community contribute to the problem. It’s highly unusual for topics like this

BREAKING: Obama-Backed Muslim Group Prepares to ATTACK Israel


Barack Obama may not back the Constitution, the American people, or the rule of law, but when he does support something, it’s usually a radical Islamic terrorist group. The president has taken massive heat for financially supporting terror organizations like Hamas, the individuals killing kids, using human shields, and trying to wipe out an entire

What the Ft. Hood Shooter Just Said Proves That Jihad is Being Waged WITHIN America

Nidal Hasan

Although he claims to preside over the most transparent administration in American history, President Barack Obama seems to be hiding a great deal from the American people. Countless examples of this administration’s obfuscation of the truth exist, but perhaps none more troubling than the minimization of the threat posed to America by radical Islam. American

Obama Should Be Publicly Humiliated After What This Congressman Said

President Barack Obama

With a multitude of foreign policy blunders under his belt, Barack Obama should be used to feeling shame and embarrassment, using these “educational opportunities” to grow into a more effective leader. This, of course, would be a miraculous work that would leave even the most embittered atheist with a “smidgen” of faith in the supernatural

Rick Perry Just Showed the Democrats He Doesn’t Give a Rip About Their Attacks

Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry must have an awful lot on his mind lately. As governor of the state with the longest border with Mexico, he carries a responsibility to keep not only his own citizens but also every American safe from the threat of illegal immigration. Reports that illegal aliens from terror-supporting nations have been

Retired General: Barack H. Obama is an Embarrassment to America [FULL CLIP]

No ISIS strategy

During a press briefing yesterday, President Obama admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with the Islamic State. Such a statement is further confirmation that Obama is not taking the threat posed by ISIS seriously, such as when he referred to them as a mere “J-V” team, while they were rampaging through northern Iraq,

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