BREAKING: Former Ambassador Drops Bombshell About Obama and the “Islamic State” [VIDEO]

President Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting In Fort Myers, Florida

President Obama has repeatedly claimed that he knew nothing about the rise of the Islamic State and blamed the Intelligence community for underestimating them and failing to inform him. But that has been shown to be a lie, as Obama was receiving briefings about the Islamic State more than a year ago, by the very intel

Bibi Netanyahu Publicly Humiliates Obama Official Who Insulted Him [VIDEO]

Netanyahu responds to 'chickenshit' comment

In an absolutely disgraceful move, for which an official apology should be immediately issued, an anonymous Obama administration official called the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, a “chickensh**” and “coward,” in an article appearing in The Atlantic. Of course, Netanyahu is far from a “chickensh**,” as a real coward would not be the leader

This Conservative’s Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker Is Hilarious… Now It’s Going Viral [PICTURE]

anti obama bumper sticker

Here’s an example of hilarious and good-natured ribbing, targeting liberals and President Obama. Liberals get outraged whenever you criticize them, their actions, or their policies. They also frequently resort to a disgusting tactics to try to get their way. This person’s bumper sticker is a great example of using the First Amendment to fight back against a bad

URGENT: Islamic Leaders Announce BAN on This Popular Holiday [DETAILS]

Muslim protest

It’s not the Great Pumpkin after all, Charlie Brown — at least not in Malaysia. Local media reported that the National Fatwa Council of Malaysia has issued a ruling banning the celebration of Halloween and declaring it haram, a word meaning forbidden, sinful, or unclean. The council denounced the holiday as a “Western” practice that

URGENT: Man Faces PRISON for Saying, “I’m Not a Muslim” [DETAILS]

freedom of speech

As the United Kingdom has bent over backwards to accommodate their rapidly growing Muslim population, they have instituted strict “hate speech” laws, which have more or less outlawed most criticism of Islam. This has resulted in people being arrested merely for speaking the uncomfortable truth about the Islamic faith.  As the British don’t have a

BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught on Tape Telling Illegal Immigrants to Vote [VIDEO]

Darren Simms

James O’Keefe has done it again. Despite the consistent leftist insistence that voter fraud does not exist, the guerilla journalist demonstrated in a video released last week that some Colorado Democrats were more than happy to turn a blind eye to the practice, if not actively encourage it. Today, O’Keefe released another video exposé that

Teens Face Expulsion for Posting These Homecoming Photos That Went Viral [PHOTOS]


Two well-meaning high school students, who chose to do something unique for their homecoming photo by posing with airsoft guns, were reportedly suspended for 10 days and threatened with potential expulsion, according to reports. (H/T OpposingViews) The teens, Tito Velez and his girlfriend Jamie Pereira, posted the photo on Facebook with the label “homecoming.” This was enough

VIDEO: Cop Loses It When Told “God Bless You” [WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE]

Officer Kenneth MacLeod

An online video of motorcyclist Albert Valdez after being pulled over and ticketed by Miami Police Officer Kenneth MacLeod shows the officer going off on a rant after being told by Valdez, “God bless you.” But it appears that there might be more to the story. The video, taken by Valdez, opens as MacLeod has already written

Thug Robbed and Assaulted Texas Woman in Front of Her Husband…Huge Mistake

screenshot.2014-10-30 (6)

Too often, Americans are hear tragic stories of gun violence that anti-gun advocates use to push for gun control. Unfortunately, stories that detail the use of guns in self-defense cases very rarely get any media attention, leaving some skeptics to believe that the Second Amendment may be an antiquated right. But a recent case out of Dallas,

This Anti-Islam Billboard Is Driving Muslims Insane [PICTURE]


The “war on terror” is more than just a catchy, Orwellian term designed to gin up support for big government surveillance and a crackdown on personal liberty. In fact, the term is aptly descriptive of the cultural and ideological struggle between Western civilization and radical Islamic jihadists. The overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks that have

BREAKING: “Blackwater” Founder Drops Bombshell About Benghazi and Obama


Erik Prince offered a shocking and revealing analysis of the facts surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. Prince founded Blackwater, Inc., a private security contractor, and he also wrote the book describing his experiences with Blackwater, “Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror.”

BREAKING: Citizens Launch Nationwide Protests to Demand Impeachment of Barack H. Obama [VIDEO]

Impeachment Protest

Citizens across the country who have become increasingly frustrated by President Barack Obama’s disregard for the U.S. Constitution are counting on that same Constitution to protect their protests against him. Americans have been taking to the streets during the second National Impeach Obama Week to exercise their First Amendment rights, raise awareness among their fellow

Greta: Obama Should Be Forced to Apologize After This Disgraceful Act [VIDEO]

Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren said that President Barack Obama owes an apology to the leader of one of America’s greatest allies. “President Obama owes Prime Minister Netanyahu an apology,” she said during her “Off the Record” segment Wednesday evening. The Fox News host made her remarks in response to news from The Atlantic that multiple senior Obama administration

BREAKING: American Vet Fighting ISIS Releases Public Statement From the Front Lines [VIDEO]

Jordan Matson, American fighting with Kurds

While President Obama and his “coalition” wage a half-hearted, “phony war” of pin-prick airstrikes against the Islamic State, there are Americans and Europeans that have traveled to the region to fight against ISIS on their own. One American in particular, who got tired of waiting for Obama to do something, has already joined up with the

BREAKING: Congressman Exposes “Secret Deal” Obama Made on Ebola… It’s Horrifying [VIDEO]


In what seems to be startling lack of common sense inside of the current administration, Obama and the State Department recently concocted a ridiculous plan that Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert is standing up and speaking out against. Thankfully there are members of our government, like Gohmert, who can clearly see that Obama and his cronies

See Why We’re About to See a Lot More of George W. Bush on TV… Liberals Will Hate This

George W. Bush

After almost six years of President Barack Obama, Americans long for a return to the days of President George W. Bush now more than ever. Those missing the president — who, with all his faults, at least knew how to take advice and wage a war on Islamic terror — will have opportunities to see

This Conservative’s Viral Bumper Sticker Will Have Liberals Calling Him “Racist” [PICTURE]


The entry of illegal aliens into this great country is a problem that is not going away anytime soon. With constant and consistent proof that the Obama administration seems to be pulling the strings behind the curtain purely for political gain, it’s no wonder patriotic American citizens are outraged that nothing is being done about

Alan Grayson Is One of the Richest Congressmen… But Look What His Wife Has to Do to Feed His Kids

Alan Grayson

One of the richest Democrats in Congress is forcing his wife and children to accept government assistance to feed themselves. Six days after Rep. Alan Grayson was named the 17th richest member of Congress by Roll Call, his wife received an EBT card to help feed herself and their four minor children. They are also enrolled

Does This Video Prove Democrats Are Rigging Voting Machines? Watch and Decide [VIDEO]

voting machine rigged

After almost immediately going viral in conservative circles throughout the past 24 hours, we felt compelled to share this shocking and infuriating video with our readers for the sake of voter awareness. In what could explain several recent elections being handed to democrats on a silver platter, the video you’re about to see below will,

Atheists Are Attacking the Cured Ebola Nurse… The Reason Why Is Insane

Nina Pham

Atheists have once again proven themselves to be ignorant and irrational — exactly the opposite of what they claim to be. The latest example comes on the heels of the announcement that nurse Nina Pham has been declared cured of the Ebola virus. Pham contracted the deadly hemorrhagic fever while treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the

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