BREAKING: Eric Holder Releases Statement on Murder of NYPD Cops [FULL TEXT]

Eric Holder

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder released a statement late yesterday rightfully condemning the execution-style murders of two New York Police Department cops and offering condolences to their families and fellow officers. But it’s what he didn’t say that many may find more revealing. In his public statement, the full text of which is below, Holder

BREAKING: Man Dies After Ferguson Protesters Block Paramedics… Where’s the Outrage?

ferguson riots

Protesters of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown grand jury decisions have been fond of wearing shirts saying “I Can’t Breathe,” a reference to Eric Garner’s words while being arrested by the New York Police Department. However, there’s someone else whom that slogan applies to – a man whose life was snuffed out because protesters

URGENT: The Media Is Ignoring WHO the Dead NYPD Cops Were


There was a recent push, especially on social media, for Time Magazine to name the Ferguson protesters as their 2014 person of the year. The magazine wisely decided against it, as the editors probably didn’t want to become any less relevant than they’ve already become. However, I’d propose another candidate in a similar vein: Time’s

URGENT: Popular Retail Chain Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Shariah Law

store front

If you’re looking for somewhere to do some radical-Muslim-friendly shopping this holiday season, I have just the place for you. Of course, if you’re looking for somewhere to do some radical-Muslim-friendly shopping this holiday season, you’re probably on the wrong website to begin with. Earlier this year, The Home Depot worked with Muslim Brotherhood front group

BREAKING: Al Sharpton Releases Statement on Slaughter of NYPD Cops

Al Sharpton

Race-baiting media whore Al Sharpton, upon hearing about the execution-style murders of two New York Police Department officers at the hands of Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, did what he can always be expected to do. He issued a statement that mostly talked about himself and promised a future press conference in which, we fully expect, he

“Hillary, Bill, and Al Gore died in a plane crash and all went to heaven.”


Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t exactly known as one of the more humble people to have ever resided inside the Beltway. That takes some effort, especially in a town with egos the size of the cromnibus bill. And, as this joke demonstrates, her ego goes beyond even this mortal veil of tears. Bill, Hillary, and Al were

BREAKING: Major Fact About NY Cop Killer IGNORED by the Media

screenshot.2014-12-21 (1)

In the wake of the deaths of Michael Ferguson and Eric Garner, the left and their allies in the mainstream media have been working hard to build up anger against the men and women in blue who serve and protect their communities. Now the fruits of those efforts are becoming clear. The media is full

BREAKING: Fox News BLOCKED From Major Satellite TV Provider… They Need Help


For those of us who grew up during the time where the only option for cable news was CNN – colloquially referred to as the Clinton News Network – the introduction of the Fox News Channel was a breath of fresh air. No longer were we beholden to the liberal media for our information; conservatives finally

BREAKING: First Photos Emerge of NY Cop Killer… Here’s What He Posted


It was a shocking, cold-blooded murder of two policemen that left New York City stunned. In an execution-style shooting, two of Gotham’s bravest were gone. Now that photos of the suspect have been published and details of his motive are becoming clearer, the events are beginning to appear even more shocking. Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a 28-year-old Baltimore resident, killed

Wow. Longtime Fox News Reporter Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

Fox News

Fox News viewers will remember the name and face of correspondent Dominic Di-Natale. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing them much anymore. Di-Natale, a longtime Fox News reporter who had covered everything from the Middle East to the unrest in Ferguson, died earlier this week. His body was found on Wednesday in Jefferson County, Colo., after a

Watch What Cops Do as Socialist Mayor Walks Into Press Conference on Slain NYPD Officers


Wow. Earlier today, an angry “race protester” murdered two police officers in New York City. He executed them as they sat in their squad car. This is what happens when leftists encourage racial conflict for political gain. People die. Cops die. And the police know EXACTLY what is going on. This is why the police

ALERT: School District Caves to Terrorist Front Group… Will Now Do THIS for Muslims

school district

There has been a recent push by the Muslim apologist, un-indicted co-conspirator, terrorist front group CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, to intimidate public school boards into recognizing and adding Muslim holidays to their official calendars. CAIR has met with mixed success in this endeavor thus far, with one school district in Maryland rejecting

VIDEO: Thief Fakes Heart Attack to Distract Employees While Other Loots Walmart Shelves

heart attack

It was almost clever. Two Florida thieves came up with a plan to steal hundreds of dollars in merchandise from WalMart just in time for the holidays, but they forgot one very important detail. The security cameras. Genard Dupree, 27, pretended to have a heart attack near the entrance of a WalMart store in Lake Wales

Ex-CIA Interrogator Destroys Liberal “Torture” Myths With “Something I’ve Never Told Anybody”

James Mitchell

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s report on the enhanced interrogation techniques used by intelligence officials in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks left out a few important details. At least, that’s true according to Dr. James Mitchell, a former U.S. Air Force psychologist who is believed to be one of the key individuals who developed those techniques

Man’s Hilarious Note to Christmas Carolers Goes Viral [PHOTO]

carolers note

As we near the height of the Christmas season, let us take a moment to reflect on the different ways in which people celebrate the holiday. Some families embrace consumerism, and shop til they drop, buying presents for anyone and everyone they can think of. Others choose to eschew that materialism, and focus instead on

UNREAL: Obama “Apologizes” to Communist Cuban Dictator for INSANE Reason

Barack Obama

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama once again bypassed Congress to unilaterally declare that he was “normalizing” relations between the United States and Cuba, a move that was met with widespread criticism. During his year end press conference, Obama spoke briefly about his conversation with communist Cuban dictator Raul Castro, and admitted to apologizing to

VIDEO: Sean Hannity Takes on Radical Muslim on Live TV… Guess Who Won?

Sean Hannity

Following a string of recent brutal attacks made in the name of Islam, Sean Hannity had Indianapolis Imam Muhammad Siddeeq on his show to debate why moderate Muslims aren’t banding together to condemn the violent outbreaks in the name of their religion. Siddeeq attempted to explain current events with regard to his radical religion, but if we’re being

VIDEO: Here’s the Shirt Bill O’Reilly Wants Black Teens to Wear… Libs Think It’s “Racist”

Bill O'Reilly

Are you a black teen who wants to get ahead in life? If so, Bill O’Reilly has some advice for you. “Don’t get pregnant at 14,” he said. O’Reilly made the comment on Wednesday during an interview with Martin Luther King Jr.’s oldest son, Martin Luther King III. “Our nation does need to hear a unifying

BREAKING: Here Are the Racial “Executive Actions” Obama Is About to Launch

Barack Obama

In the wake of the grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, N.Y., in which police officers who had killed unarmed black men were not indicted for their actions, racially motivated and anti-police protests and riots broke out around the country. President Barack Obama did absolutely nothing to calm the situation, and instead

VIDEO: Obama Embarrasses Himself on National TV


I will admit that the headline “Obama Embarrasses Himself on National TV” isn’t exactly a surprising one. I mean, we’d probably save ourself some time if we just reported the times Obama didn’t embarrass himself on the idiot box. However, even for the gaffe-prone community organizer from Chicago, this one’s pretty bad. It could even be

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