VIDEO: Black Rights Group Issues Chilling 10-Word Message to Cops… They’re Being Hunted

new black panthers

In August, Conservative Tribune reported on the large group of armed New Black Panther operatives who marched in front of the Waller County, Texas, jail in protest of Sandra Bland’s suicide while in police custody. During their march, a shocking number of threats were made toward Texas law enforcement officers, including one chilling message in which

Donald Trump Makes Massive Promise: I Will Reverse Obama’s Move

trump and tweet

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has vowed to reverse many of President Barack Obama’s disastrous policies, should he receive the GOP nomination and eventually sit in the Oval Office. On Monday, Trump announced on Twitter that he had added to his “to-change” list when he said he would reverse Obama’s executive decision to rename Alaska’s

High Court Demands Clerk Issues Same-Sex Marriage Certificates… But They Didn’t Expect This

Kim Davis

Following the recent controversial Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage, one county clerk in Kentucky has decided to take a stand for her religious beliefs and convictions. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has ceased issuing marriage licenses to any couples, straight or gay, in order to not discriminate against anyone while protecting her religious liberty.

GUILTY: New Clinton Emails Reveal Sinister 3 Words Hillary Liked to Close Her Emails With

Hillary Clinton

A new batch of some of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s previously secret emails was released recently, and one in particular stood out for the three words she used to end the communication. The email, sent in January 2010 to then-Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and U.S. Agency for International Development administrator Rajiv Shah, instructed

Family Of 16-Year Old Support Her During Pregnancy… Til 1 Fact Changes Everything

fake teen pregnancy

The news of a teen pregnancy is generally not met with praise, especially from the teen’s parents and society in general. But when an unidentified 16-year-old Michigan girl told her boyfriend, family and friends that she was pregnant with triplets, her entire support system kicked into high gear to support the teen for what would

Texas Counties Make EPIC Move… Mexico Is Freaking Out Over This

anti-illegal immigration protest

Several county registrars in Texas have decided that they will no longer accept identification cards provided by the Mexican Consulate as valid ID, citing their inherent lack of reliability and accuracy. Of course, this has the Mexican government in an uproar, compelling them to file an amicus brief in support of several illegal immigrant families

Subway Bully Refuses Apology, Then Pushes And Pushes… Then BOOM!

bully subway car

One of the last places on earth one should get involved in a physical confrontation is in the tight quarters of a subway car, as retreat is practically impossible and a situation can turn from bad to worse in an instant. Two young Asian men were recently caught on camera doing just that, except one of

Man Who Wrote 14th Amendment Explains Who It Included… This Is Going to Devastate Liberals

Sen Jacob M Howard

Following the release of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies, a national debate has been sparked regarding the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and the idea of birthright citizenship. Many have argued that the 14th Amendment infers automatic citizenship upon any person born within the United States, even if the person’s parents are in the

Obama’s Pentagon Releases Terrifying Plan for South Carolina… They’ve Got 17 Months

Barack Obama

Wednesday and Thursday, Pentagon officials are set to visit the consolidated Naval Brig in Charleston, South Carolina, in order to assess its viability of being converted into a facility to house dangerous terrorists currently locked up at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The scouting visit is part of the process to form a plan to close Gitmo that

VIDEO: Fan Reaches Out to Get Thug Rapper’s Attention… Moments Later She’s Rushing to the Hospital

Kevin Gates

Many liberals and Black Lives Matter movement activists prop up rap music and thug culture as if they represent rebuttals to an epidemic of white supremacy and racism that allegedly exists in the United States of America. Perhaps gangster rapper Kevin Gates’ behavior at a recent concert might wake them up to the harsh truth about

VIDEO: Hollywood Actor Contacts 45 WWII Vets… What Happens Next Changes Their Lives

WWII vets

There is a good reason that the men who fought in World War II have been labeled “The Greatest Generation,” as they sacrificed mightily to liberate Europe from the grip of fascist totalitarianism. Sadly, 70 years after the end of the war, these heroic but aging men are leaving us at a rapidly increasing pace. Thus,

VIDEO: Donald Trump Slams Obama In Brutal Video… America Needs To See This NOW

Donald Trump

Many people have noted that President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran is a horrible deal, for many reasons, not the least of which is that it practically guarantees Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon within a decade or two. One other major failure of Obama’s negotiations with Iran was the simple

BREAKING: Conservative Tribune’s Parent Company Makes Huge Move in the Culture War… Liberals Running Scared

obama and clinton facepalm

Arizona-based Liftable Media, the parent company of Conservative Tribune, made an important announcement Wednesday regarding its second huge acquisition of 2015: ANTHEM, ARIZONA: Patrick Brown, the CEO of Liftable Media Inc., announced this morning the purchase of TPNN. Brown said, “We are proud to welcome the TPNN brand into our stable of digital media properties.

BOOM: Huge Dose of Justice Finds Girl Who Cheered Death of “Creepy Perv” Cop

goforth and foy

The disgustingly classless Texas woman who applauded the execution-style murder of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth on her Twitter account was just served an ice-cold dish of justice. Montgomery County, Texas, police arrested Monica Foy on an assault warrant stemming from a 2011 case when she beat a male co-worker with closed fists until

“As a Plane Is About to Take Off, a 5-Year-Old Begins Screaming… Suddenly an Elderly Man in Uniform Walks Forward…”

airline joke teaser

It seems that every flight in America comes equipped with a screaming infant. No matter what airline you choose to fly, there is always a child throwing a tantrum, and they always seem to be in the seat right behind yours. Sometimes it isn’t the child’s fault, especially with infants who are sensitive to the

TROUBLE: Megyn Kelly Gets Career News After Attacking Trump… This Is Bad for Megyn

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

Nearly a month after the Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News, people have continued talking about the dust-up between moderator Megyn Kelly and billionaire businessman Donald Trump. It would appear that all of the talk about that incident is taking a toll, at least according to new poll results from Public Policy Polling. The

Constitution Experts: KY Clerk MUST Fight Against Same Sex Marriage As Civic Duty

protesters and Kim Davis

As a service to our readers, and in light of the ongoing cultural and political battle currently being waged in America over same-sex marriage, Conservative Tribune is here reprinting, with permission, a short treatise on the current state of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ fight to exercise her freedom of religion at her job. The following

VIDEO: Liberal Mob Surrounds Woman, Shouts “You Ain’t Going Nowhere…” Then Horror

Insane Bicyclists Surround Car

After a woman in a Zipcar allegedly bumped into a Critical Mass cyclist who was boisterously riding the wrong way down a street in San Francisco, he and his friends — one of whom was reportedly wearing a non-violence t-shirt — surrounded her vehicle and yelled, “You ain’t going nowhere!” Another cyclist then accused her of having

BOMBSHELL: Ex-CIA Officer Admits the Truth About Obama… This Confirms Our Worst Fears

Claire Lopez and Barack Obama

Approximately one year ago, former CIA agent Clare Lopez — whose additional credentials are frankly too long to list  here — revealed something stunning to WND about President Barack Hussein Obama that seems more relevant today than ever before. Specifically, Lopez revealed that Obama had switched sides in the war on terror and adopted the

PHOTO: Brutal Trump Billboards Start Going Up… Horrify Liberals, Muslims, and the Media

Trump Billboard

A new billboard in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was just erected in Colorado and immediately had the media, radical Muslims, liberals and other America-hating groups up in arms. The image depicted the famously politically incorrect GOP front-runner as “Donald the Dragon Slayer,” with a fully armored Trump wielding a sword with the word

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