This Woman Has Been on Welfare for 12 Years… What She Says About Getting a Job Is Outrageous [VIDEO]

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Many people agree that welfare can be an important safety net for people in genuine need… but what happens when that safety net becomes a “safety hammock?” A recent video shows the disturbing mentality of entitlement that is held by some welfare recipients. In the clip, a 30-year-old woman named Kiara revealed that she has been

Officer Wilson Just Announced Some Amazing Good News [VIDEO]

Darren Wilson

As if being cleared of wrongdoing by the grand jury investigating the shooting death of Michael Brown wasn’t enough, Officer Darren Wilson has a little something extra to be thankful for this year. The Ferguson, Mo., Police officer announced to the world in a recent interview that he and his new wife are expecting a

What Race Rioters Did to the American Flag Is Pathetic and Disgusting [PICTURES]

police car

Many of the protesters in Ferguson, Mo., and throughout the nation who claim to be fighting racial injustice actually have other motives. This should come as no surprise, as threats of violence against police officers and their families have little to do with curing social ills. Neither does the detonation of pipe bombs or setting

Allen West Obliterates Eric Holder for Inciting Racial Violence in Ferguson [READ]

Allen West

Lt. Col. Allen West said that Attorney General Eric Holder “complicated the matter” in Ferguson. West cited Holder’s announcement that the federal investigation into possible violations of Michael Brown’s civil rights by officer Darren Wilson was still open. West wrote in a Facebook post that because the standard of proof is higher in a civil rights

“Duck Dynasty” Family Member Dies… Please Pray

Robertson family

Thanksgiving is the day on which many Americans take a few minutes to remember how blessed we are with family, friends, freedom, and fortune. But for Phil Robertson and his family, who certainly have all of this and more to be thankful for, it will also be a day to remember a loved one they recently

Here’s a List of the New Socialist Demands of the Race Rioters


If you thought that the civil unrest in Ferguson was about Michael Brown, guess again. The rioters are simply waving the bloody shirt of Brown to get their impossible socialist demands met. Ferguson Action is one of the main “peaceful protest” organizations that sprang up over the barely-cold body of Michael Brown. They claim to be peaceful, anyway

DEVELOPING: Friend Who Was With Brown at the Shooting Could Be Charged With THIS Crime

Dorian Johnson

Friends of Ferguson, Mo., Police officer Darren Wilson have called for perjury charges to be filed. The object of their calls is the other man who was walking with Michael Brown on Aug. 9 when he was fatally shot. Dorian Johnson told investigators and reporters that Brown had his hands up when he was shot,

BREAKING: Arizona Governor Issues Urgent Announcement About Obama’s Amnesty [VIDEO]


The reality of President Obama’s unfunded mandate for shielding illegal immigrants is beginning to set in. And now, some governors are fighting back. Watch the latest video at One of them is Gov. Jan Brewer, R-Ariz. On a recent appearance on Fox and Friends, Gov. Brewer talked about the burdens from the president’s action that must

Watch These Welfare Leeches React to Their Food Stamps Being Cancelled [VIDEO]


There has been a marked increase in the entitlement mentality in America. That increase is thanks to liberal policies which emphasize a dependence on government for virtually everything A significant number of people have come to believe that they have somehow earned, or are entitled to, handouts from our benevolent government. They then become solely dependent

BOMBSHELL: These Eyewitnesses Who CONFIRMED Officer Wilson Was Innocent Were Black

Officer Darren Wilson

After St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch took the courtroom stage Monday evening in Clayton, home of the St. Louis County Justice Center, the information he revealed shocked the world. It especially surprised protestors, who were building a racism narrative for the past three months so that they would have a perceived reason to cause anarchy. Turns

Black Sheriff Comes Forward to Obliterate Obama for Causing Riots in Ferguson [VIDEO]

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is one of those moderate Democrats that hasn’t fallen under the spell of progressive liberal policies. Sheriff Clarke is actually a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. He has warned that further attempts at gun control and confiscation will ultimately result in a second American Revolution. Now Sheriff Clarke has

Watch Megyn Kelly School a Black Radio Host on How the Justice System Actually Works [VIDEO]


Megyn Kelly isn’t a woman who puts up with nonsense. And she just unleashed that tough-as-nails attitude on a radio host who was making excuses for thugs in Ferguson. Richard Fowler hosts a talk show and is seen as a “rising star” among Democrats. Megyn Kelly invited him as a guest to give his views

Here Are the 19 Dumbest Celebrity Responses to Ferguson… Boycott Them


Idiocy is not limited to the race rioters of Ferguson, Mo., the attorney general’s office in the Department of Justice, or in Al Sharpton’s radio studio — assuming the latter hasn’t been confiscated by the IRS for back taxes. No, there’s plenty to go around, much of it in or near Hollywood, Calif. and the

Allen West Rips Obama to Shreds for Race Baiting in Ferguson… His Post Is Going Viral [READ]

Allen West

Allen West just called out President Barack Obama for his hypocritical comments about the Ferguson race riots and the “rule of law.” West took to Facebook to make his remarks Monday night. He posted them shortly after the president made his initial comments about the Ferguson grand jury decision, despite having reportedly not watched the

Wow. Here’s the “Racist” Newspaper Cartoon That Has Liberals Furious [PICTURE]


Telling the truth is racist. At least, that’s what liberals apparently think. A few days ago, a newspaper in Indiana was forced to remove a political cartoon and apologize for printing it — simply because leftists didn’t like the message. So, what was in the image that was supposedly so shocking? The political cartoon was

BREAKING: Obama Thought He Was Done With Benghazi… Until This Massive Announcement


A recently declassified report claims that the Obama administration had no direct fault in the Benghazi mess. But House leader John Boehner says it’s far from over. Boehner told Republican rockstar and master interrogator Trey Gowdy to keep digging, a task which Gowdy’s happy to take on. Gowdy was reappointed to lead the select committee to

Watch Megyn Kelly Rip Al Sharpton to Shreds Over Ferguson [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly blamed Al Sharpton and others like him for fostering an environment of violence and racial division in Ferguson, Mo., that has led to riots and looting. Kelly made the comments on Monday. She began after playing a clip of St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch, a Democrat, answering a reporter’s question about “African-American

Watch Judge Judy Rip This Welfare Leech to Shreds [VIDEO]

Judge Judy

We don’t watch a lot of daytime television, but once in a while Judge Judy says something that can make us wish we did. On one episode, Duane Brooks Jr. of St. Paul, Minn., was being sued by a former roommate for unpaid rent. Judge Judy took issue with the fact that the unemployed college music student

Mark Levin’s Blistering Response to Ferguson Goes Viral [READ]

Mark Levin

Mark Levin’s indictment of the left’s “war on the civil society” has obviously struck a nerve with Americans, because they are quickly making his rant viral. Levin took to Facebook on Tuesday. He blasted those –including Attorney General Eric Holder, the Rev. Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panthers — who have contributed to the

Kenya Just Showed 100 Muslims What Happens When You Slaughter Innocent Christians


One country in Africa has discovered a highly effective way to deal with radical jihadist Muslims. And it doesn’t involve peace talks or strongly worded letters. No, the method that Kenya employs against Muslim terrorists is kind of old fashioned but still the best way to make a dent in the spread of jihad in their

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