VIDEO: Watch Hillary Absolutely Humiliate Herself Trying to Prove She’s Just Like Everybody Else

Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and current Democrat candidate for the presidency Hillary Clinton has been trying entirely too hard to be seen as an average “every day” citizen of the United States. In an amazing video compilation, Clinton is shown at a variety of events and speeches that have allowed her to use a wide range of

BREAKING: Citizens in This State Just Hit 3 Anti-Gun Lawmakers With Recall Petitions

tea party rally

Concerned with recent legislation designed to expand background check for gun sales in the state, Second Amendment supporters have surprised three Democrat Oregon lawmakers with recall petitions. And they warn that more are on the way. A Hillsboro, Ore., resident submitted paperwork against state Sen. Chuck Riley and Rep. Susan McLain, both of whom are in their

Huckabee Has a Really Good 6 Word Reason He Should Face Off Against Hillary


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is getting closer to throwing his hat into the ring for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and he has a six-word reason why he’s the man to beat Hillary. “I’ve beaten the Clinton political machine,” Huckabee told a small group of reporters, referring to his fights against the Democrat establishment in

VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Gets Fed Up With Useless Bureaucrat, Let’s Him Have It With Both Barrels

trey gowdy

Firey South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy never ceases to amaze his fans. Earlier this week during a House Committee Hearing, he made it crystal clear that his mission on Capitol Hill is to hold those accountable whom others won’t. Monday, at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the inspector general for the department of justice

87-Year-Old Woman Gets Standing Ovation After What She Said About Flag-Hating Liberals

Julia Lease

The American flag stands for many things. Two of these things are the freedom and liberty that our forefathers granted us via the U.S. Constitution. Given the great meaning behind our flag, it seems unconscionable that someone would demand that it not be flown. Yet someone from the New Life Multi-Family Management company in Whitehall, Ohio, made this

URGENT: Florida’s Governor Used 1 Perfect Word to Describe Obama’s Extortion Tactics

obama and scott

Florida Gov. Rick Scott tells it like it is. He recently claimed the Obama administration is trying to bully his state into implementing an expansion of Obamacare that the state doesn’t want. In an interview with Newsmax, Scott said the Obama administration’s withholding of funds for low-income residents is punishment because the state does not

Rev. Graham Paints Terrifying Picture of Obama’s Plan for the Middle East… “Enable the Rebirth of…

obama franklin graham

Franklin Graham, son of legendary preacher Billy Graham, is not exactly known for his meek and mild beliefs about the Obama administration. The respected Christian leader and co-founder of the Samaritan’s Purse demonstrated that again with a recent post to his Facebook page. “It seems as though America’s current policies toward Iran might be enabling

VIDEO: Angry Mother Storms School, Beats Teacher, and Says She Did It All Because…

Catherine Engelhardt

It’s sad enough that teachers have to deal with the wrath of students who aren’t properly cared for at home. Whether it’s a missing parent in the household or a complete lack of discipline, teachers are often forced to assume a quasiparental role in the classroom. But at one middle school in Hempstead, N.Y., one

PHOTO: Trump Gets So Brutal That He Censors Himself… Here’s the Tough Tweet He Deleted

Donald Trump Tweet

Besides hosting a popular reality television series, Donald Trump is known mainly for two things: being a very rich and successful businessman and not being afraid to speak his mind when it comes to national or political matters. Many non-politically correct comments have come out of Trump via his twitter account, but when one of his

Town Council Opposes Fallen Soldier Memorial for Absolutely Insane Reason

memorial teaser

Heaven forbid liberals be reminded about our military’s sacrifice for their freedom. In Milford, Mich., a local veterans group wants to complete their current Veteran’s Memorial with a fallen soldier monument but the Town Council is concerned that it is inappropriate. The piece, commonly referred to as a battle cross, is an 8-foot monument featuring a pair

URGENT: Black Activists Say “Nonviolence Hasn’t Worked”… Issue Alarming Call to Blacks


While the NAACP has had its controversies over the years, it’s long been a bastion of nonviolence, largely dedicated to the tactics of Martin Luther King Jr. However, in a dramatic press conference in West Memphis, Ark., NAACP leaders jettisoned that entirely, calling on African-Americans to commit themselves to armed resistance to law enforcement. “Law enforcement

What This Teenager Found With His Metal Detector Immediately Brought the Cops Running


In England, a 14-year-old boy was playing around with a metal detector when he stumbled upon an object so terrifying that his father called the cops in a panic and was so scared that he refused to let his name be published. Was it an unexploded bomb? No. Jimmy Hoffa? Definitely not. The thing that

Watch: Man Barges In On Live TV to Send Message to Thugs Who Shot His Niece…

Edmond "Mackie" McNeil

A group of thugs committed a gruesome drive-by in the Seattle area on Thursday that left a 1-year-old child named Malaja perpetually “brain dead” and destined to spend the rest of her life in a hospital. Later that same day, Malaja’s uncle Edmond “Mackie” McNeil interrupted a live news report occurring outside the hospital to deliver an important

BREAKING: Shocking Report Reveals Who Is Helping ISIS Cross US Borders

angry Muslims

Days after news of an Islamic State group training camp existing in Mexico just a few miles from the U.S. southern border was released, other news revealed drug cartels and human smuggling operations were helping members of the radical terrorist group cross the border. In a report released by government watchdog organization Judicial Watch, human smugglers

PHOTO: Liberal Campus Turns on Obama… Displays “Art” That Completely Humiliates Barack

Obama art teaser

In the early 2000s, Americans could not go one day without being bombarded by jokes or artwork that criticized the Bush Administration for everything from its foreign policy to President Bush’s ears and mannerisms. That steady stream of artistic criticism has mysteriously died down since the election of Barack Obama. In response to this left’s hold

Needs Our Help: Marine’s Family Release Disturbing Account Of His Imprisonment in Iran


The sister and brother-in-law of Amir Hekmati, a Marine being held captive in Iran, appeared on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” earlier this month, where they gave gut wrenching accounts of what Hekmati has been put through. He has been drugged, whipped, suffered stun-gun assaults, been dosed with lithium, hung by his

URGENT: Massive Homeland Security Purchase Should Worry Every Single American

Barack Obama

He may not be able to take our guns outright, but President Barack Obama and his liberal ilk are never going to stop attacking our Second Amendment rights, as evidenced by the administration’s latest attempt at gun control through the back door of ammunition acquisition. Recently, reports have surfaced detailing a major purchase by the

Local Sheriff Uses 5 Blunt Words to Explain Why He Won’t Enforce State’s Liberal Gun Control Law

Sheriff Dave Daniel And Barack Obama

The Oregon state Senate passed a controversial bill on Tuesday that would infringe on private gun sales and transfers by requiring the individuals involved in these transactions to obtain a criminal background check. The bill must now be approved by the state House, which unfortunately is expected to pass it. Once it becomes law, anyone caught

Dad Faces Down Doctors Who Want to Pull Plug on Son, Reaches for His Gun, Then This Happens


It’s a story straight out of Hollywood — a father who threatened to kill the doctors who wanted to pull the plug on his son ended up praying at his bedside and getting a response from the young man. The strange saga began at Tomball Regional Medical Center in Tomball, Texas. George Pickering, 59, had been told

MIRACLE: Lady’s Tour Bus Burns to a Crisp, But 1 Thing Was Completely Untouched by the Flames

Lady Antebellum Tour Bus

Faith is very much necessary to survive in this bleak world, because pain, suffering and misery surround us from all sides. We have terrorists killing people, criminals committing evil deeds and our own leaders lying through their teeth. But sometimes our faith can use a little boost, so try this story from country music group Lady Antebellum’s lead

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