Border Expert: Texas is Defying the Feds by Deploying Guard [WATCH]

national guard

The federal government’s failure to act on the border crisis has pushed states like Texas to take matters into their own hands and work out a solution to stop the flow of illegals into the country. When the immigration crisis first started heating up, Texas, without federal support, created their own armed border security to

BREAKING: Ted Cruz to Block ALL Obama Nominees in Stand for Israel

Ted Cruz calls for select committee

As we watch the grueling death match between Israel and Hamas continue, it should be a no-brainer which side the US should support wholeheartedly. Israel is our ally.  They are a Western-style democracy, an oasis of civilization and modernity amongst a sea of barbarism.  They fight to defend their people’s right to exist in freedom.

Arizona’s Governor Just Confirmed What Was Feared About Obama and Immigration

Obama and Jan Brewer

As we have watched the illegal immigration crisis unfold on our southern border, with tens of thousands of illegals coming across, a good portion of which are unaccompanied minors, the American people have felt that they weren’t getting the whole story about what is happening or what is being done by our federal government. A

Federal Judge: Bring Back the Firing Squad for Murderers [READ]


Although a sizable majority of the country supports capital punishment, Americans are divided about just what form that punishment should take. Lethal injection accounts for better than 87 percent of executions in the U.S. since the practice was re-instituted in 1977, with the remainder accounted for by electrocution, gas chamber, hanging, and firing squad. It is

Krauthammer: “No One Cares What Obama Says” [WATCH]


President Obama may very well go down in history as the laziest man to ever occupy the White House. The president has earned this not-so-highly coveted title by refusing to take action during any of the crises that have sprung up during his tenure in office, both at home and abroad. It seems Barack Obama

Lt. Col. Oliver North: “Obama is Disabling America’s Defenses” [WATCH]


President Obama is coming under intense scrutiny for the callous manner in which he addressed the victims of flight MH17 and their families immediately after a missile brought the commercial airliner down, killing all aboard. The president started cracking jokes and once again shifted the focus of the press conference onto himself, rather than offering

Liberals Go Crazy After a “Straight White Guy” Festival is Planned


Liberals seem to think on a different wavelength than the rest of humanity, especially when it comes to the hypocrisy in their “rage” over social issues, gay marriage in particular. “Gay Pride” protests are held on a weekly, possibly daily, basis all around the country, in celebration of someone’s activities that should largely be a private

BOMBSHELL: Hillary Will Refuse to Hand Over Her Benghazi Notes to Trey Gowdy [VIDEO]


Refusing to cooperate with an investigation into a government cover up isn’t the best way to persuade people of your innocence in the matter. Unfortunately, that bit of common sense seems to have flown over the head of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is refusing to hand over her notes on the Benghazi

WATCH: Top Marine General Risks Career to Rebuke Obama’s “Leadership” [VIDEO]

Marine General James Amos

As the chaos in the middle east grows further and further out of control, more Americans are coming to realize that the responsibility for the situation lies directly at the feet of the failed foreign policy of President Barack Obama. Iraq is not the only example of Obama’s foreign policy disasters, but it may be the

UNREAL: Obama Ignored Border Crisis Because it Was a “Local” Issue


The crisis at our Mexican border just gets worse each day. And what’s disgusting is that this didn’t just happen out of the blue one day – President Obama’s administration has known about the problem for years and deliberately ignored it. I guess he’s just as delusional as Harry Reid. Our illegal immigration problem was

BOMBSHELL: Obama Limited the AMMO of Border Patrol Agents [WATCH]

President Obama Holds Town Hall In New Mexico

As thousands of illegals, many of whom belong to MS-13 gangs and drug cartels, continue to pour into the country, the safety of American citizens is in danger. Some who live in border states have already been experiencing upticks in crime, such as Texas ranchers who have had their homes broken into by criminals illegals. Not

Israeli PM: Obama Just Gave the Terrorists a “Huge Victory” [VIDEO]


President Obama hasn’t exactly been shy about his disapproval of Israel’s military operations designed to take out the Hamas terrorist organization. As soon as tensions began to rise with the murder of three Jewish teenagers, Obama was all over Israel, demanding that they use “restraint” against terrorists who were murdering their children and launching rockets

Bill O’Reilly Finally Says It… Obamacare is “Socialism” [WATCH]


Obamacare is an absolute mess, and that’s one thing that people on both sides of the aisle are slowly coming to agree on. Federal courts issued conflicting rulings this week on the health insurance subsidies portion of the Affordable Care Act, with one decision saying that the government can’t provide these subsidies due to the

Michelle Fields to Juan Williams: How About YOU House the Illegals? [WATCH]


Liberals pride themselves on being “bleeding hearts,” individuals full of compassion who want to use their power and influence to take care of all the “little people.” While this might sound warm and fuzzy, the means by which liberals and progressives want to carry out their compassion is by forcing other people to pay for

WATCH: Trey Gowdy Was “Thrilled” to Rip the IRS Chief to Pieces [VIDEO]

trey gowdy

Rep. Trey Gowdy has become a champion for conservative Americans all across the country, and for good reason. He is one of few individuals in the cesspool of Washington that truly desires to serve his constituents, uphold the Constitution, and hold corrupt government officials accountable for their actions. Gowdy is once again in the spotlight

WATCH: Ben Carson Perfectly Explains Why We Have the 2nd Amendment

Dr. Ben Carson

Liberals often misunderstand those who stand strongly in support of the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Often, that is because defenders of gun rights argue in the context of self-defense against violent criminals–a legitimate use of legal firearms, of course, but not the primary

WATCH: Tens of Thousands Attend Funeral of Soldier Who Died Fighting for Israel

Max Steinberg

As pressure builds in the international community for Israel to cease ground operations against the radical Islamic Hamas terrorists in Gaza, some Americans, recognizing the danger the Jewish nation faces, are volunteering to put their lives on the line and joining the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF calls these brave men and women “lone soldiers.”

Criminal Lawyer: Hillary Committed Crimes at Benghazi [WATCH]

Hillary Clinton Gives Internet Freedom Address

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is under fire from criminal lawyer, Victoria Toensing, who says that her neglect of security arrangements for State Department employees working in Benghazi is a violation of the law. A law was passed by Congress at the tail end of the 1990s that requires the Secretary of State to

WATCH: Mitt Romney Makes Obama Look Foolish in Just 46 Seconds [VIDEO]

Mitt Romney

As President Barack Obama’s foreign policy continues to degrade the safety and security of Americans and, indeed, people around the world, it has become increasingly clear that this president views the world scene very differently from most Americans. He has made it clear that he favors radical Islamic terrorist groups over Israel or even America’s

BREAKING: Obama Launches Flight Boycott of Israel [DETAILS]

President Obama Signs

Israel is currently engaged in a fight for their very right to exist, battling against an enemy that openly wishes to wipe them off the map.  Israel has agreed to temporary ceasefires and a peace agreement, but Hamas refuses to agree and continues to launch rockets into Israel. Israel has tried to minimize civilian casualties

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