SICKENING: Nancy Pelosi Makes an Announcement About Her Paycheck

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has said some pretty ridiculous things in the past. The California Democrat made headlines a few years ago by desperately trying to pass Obamacare and declaring that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” However, the former speaker of the House just said something that might

Before He Was a Movie Star, Steve Buscemi Had THIS Surprising Job

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi is the type of actor we’re accustomed to seeing play a weasel, a villain and sometimes even a pervert. If we’re being completely honest, he doesn’t exactly portray the image of a hero on the silver screen. But that doesn’t really matter, because it turns out that the “Boardwalk Empire” star actually is a real life hero and

VIDEO: Mom Reveals TRUTH About Common Core in 4 Powerful Minutes

Karen Lamoreaux

Common Core is falling apart — and the people leading the charge to end the controversial education standard are often the parents of frustrated children. Karen Lamoreaux is one of those parents. During a Arkansas Board of Education meeting, the mother of three demonstrated just how ridiculous the Common Core material is. She presented a fourth-grade division problem,

BREAKING: Benjamin Netanyahu Drops Bombshell About Barack H. Obama… Please Spread

Benjamin Netanyahu

The Obama administration has accused the Israeli prime minister of playing politics over Iran — but a bombshell allegation has just revealed that it might actually be the White House that is playing games. A senior aide to Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced that President Barack Obama has been purposely withholding key information about a nuclear

SHAME: White House Reveals Shameful Insult Obama Is Throwing At Israel

Barack Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, spoke in front of a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, warning the representatives of the American people of the grave consequences that will be realized if Iran is permitted to continue its nuclear program. The Obama White House has been quite outspoken in their fierce opposition to Netanyahu’s speech, calling

Dr. Carson Asked Whether Christianity Can “Co-Exist” With Science… Hits Grand Slam [VIDEO]

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t fit the liberal narrative of what a conservative should look like. The left-wing stereotype is that all Republicans are white people who drive pickup trucks and cling to their guns and religion — not that there’s anything wrong with that! In contrast, however, Carson is a soft-spoken black neurosurgeon who is usually

BREAKING: Benjamin Netenyahu Makes Announcement In Speech to Conservatives

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu may have had mixed reactions to his appearance in front of Congress, but he received a standing ovation from a slightly more friendly crowd: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. While speaking to the conservative group ahead of his much-anticipated congressional appearance, the Israeli prime minister announced that he saw his visit to Washington

[VIDEO] 12-Year Old Rape Victim Asks Doctor 1 Question… His Answer Changes Her Life

Lianna Rebolledo

When Lianna Rebolledo became pregnant from a rape when she was only 12 years old, doctors told her that she should consider having an abortion. Rebolledo asked the doctors if having an abortion would help to ease her pain from the rape, to which the doctors were forced to respond that of course it wouldn’t.  She therefore

BREAKING: The King of Jordan Makes Massive Announcement About His War Against Terrorists

King Abdullah II

Earlier this year, the world watched in stunned horror as the sadistic thugs of the Islamic State group burned alive a captured Jordanian pilot. Rather than merely recoil at the violence, or send a sternly worded rebuke to the terrorists, the King of Jordan instead sent missiles and bombs, courtesy of the Jordanian Air Force,

BREAKING: White House Makes Shocking Announcement About New Taxes WITHOUT Congress

Barack Obama

Recently, the self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, independent senator from Vermont, wrote a letter to the Obama administration asking it to take executive action, without Congress, to close so-called corporate tax loopholes and raise revenue. In response to his letter, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that President Barack Obama is “very interested” in taking

VIDEO: George W. Bush Was Asked What He Missed About Being President… PERFECT Answer

George W. Bush

When George W. Bush left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2009, liberals had convinced us that he was a moral and intellectual defect. Six years later, the younger Bush actually looks pretty good, especially compared to what we have in the White House now. Bush reinforced his much-improved standing with the American people during a military leadership summit

BREAKING: Italy Makes Huge Military Announcement… ISIS Immediately Begins Retreat

Italian Navy

The Islamic State group has spread out of the Middle East and into North Africa, setting up shop in the failed state and terrorist haven of Libya, where they have slaughtered Christians and leveled threats against Rome and Italy, the historical capital of the Christian world. Italy, fearing the possibility of Islamic State terrorists crossing

VIDEO: “Dumbest Criminal in Ireland” Accidentally Knocks Himself Out Cold

Ireland criminal

Rightfully called “The Dumbest Criminal in Ireland,” an Irish man knocked himself out cold by throwing a brick at a car which bounced back, striking him in the face. Fortunately for the rest of us, it was all caught on security footage. Michael Brady, the owner of the Pheasant pub in Drogheda, County Louth, found something unusual

BREAKING: Barack Obama Smears Israel’s Leader With This Shameful Accusation

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and his administration seemed determined to do anything in their power to stop Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from giving his speech before a joint session of Congress. And, when all else fails, you lie. That’s what the president did in a recent interview with Reuters, where the prevaricator in chief ran off

Here’s the Message Ted Cruz Posted for Israel… Do You Agree?

Cruz Bibi teaser

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke today in front of a joint session of Congress to address the potentially dire consequences that could come about if Iran is permitted to obtain nuclear weapons. The White House, which remains engaged with Iran in secret negotiations over the nuclear program, is deliberately avoiding Netanyahu’s speech, calling it “destructive”

Nancy Pelosi Freaks Out at Israel’s Leader, Says Something Insane… Even For Her

Nancy Pelosi

Former Speaker of the House and current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has never been confused with someone who is supportive of Israel or friendly with its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, Pelosi has been highly critical of Netanyahu’s efforts to protect Israel from the terrorist group Hamas, who Pelosi says is a “humanitarian

BREAKING: Al Qaeda Is Showing Off Their New Obama Weapons

al qaeda holding tow

President Barack Obama, in his supposed attempt to fight radical Islamic terror organizations, has suffered a major blow after “moderate” Syrian rebel group he backed announced its dissolution last weekend. The Hazm movement, a Syrian militia with over five thousand fighters, recently lost several key battles with the Al Qaeda-affiliated militia Jabhat al Nusra. The problem is that

VIDEO: Rick Perry Just Defied Obama in Front of Thousands

Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference was hailed by many on the right as a bold — dare we say presidential? — statement condemning the Obama agenda and pointing the country in a new direction. Most notable was when the former Texas governor and likely 2016 presidential candidate spoke on the border, something

BREAKING: Here’s the Defiant 1 Line Netanyahu Just Sent to Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just delivered an epic speech to Congress that likely has President Barack Obama and his entire administration squirming at this very moment. Netanyahu’s 40-minute speech electrified the audience, garnering several standing ovations for the crystal clear message he relayed to Obama, in which he boldly stated, “Even if Israel has to

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