PHOTOS: The Sick Thing Neighborhood Thugs Did After This Airman Left to Serve His Country

sgt benjamin domian

When a U.S. Air Force sergeant left his parents’ home in a gated Florida community, the thought probably never crossed his mind that neighborhood thugs would vandalize his property. But that’s exactly what happened, according to Benjamin Domian’s father, when a group of thugs destroyed and defaced all three vehicles sitting in his driveway, including one belonging

Station Pulls Dukes Of Hazzard Off Air… Fans Respond In MASSIVE Way

dukes of hazard

TV Land is known for running reruns of America’s favorite sitcoms and series. However, due to the Confederate flag controversy, the network decided to yank “Dukes of Hazzard” from its schedule. Fans were not happy about this decision. In this overly politically correct society, these fans became very unpolitically correct, essentially taking over the network’s

VIDEO: Black Woman Defends Confederate Flag, Issues STUNNING Statement on “Hateful” South

karen cooper

A black woman who was a former member of the Nation of Islam has joined the Virginia Flaggers, believing the Confederate flag “represents freedoms” rather than racism. Virginia resident Karen Cooper revealed in “Battle Flag,” a documentary, that she proudly waves the Confederate flag in contradiction of a new poll suggesting that the majority of African Americans

PHOTO: Ted Nugent Just Ticked Off Liberals in a Major Way With This Pic

Ted Nugent teaser

Some of us have the tendency to bite our tongues or refrain from being deliberately provocative toward liberals, simply for the sake of civility. There are others who do no such thing and actually seem to relish every opportunity to rile up the leftists. Rock star patriot Ted Nugent definitely falls into that second category.

10-Year-Old Boy Disobeys… Muslim Cleric Comes Up With Gruesome Punishment For Him

muslims and beaten boy

When it comes to enforcing Shariah law and punishing those who refuse to follow it, radical Muslims do not take age into consideration, as a 10-year-old Pakistani boy recently learned. Young Tayyab, a student at Jamia Ishadal Quran seminary in the Noorpur village in Pakpattan, refused to participate in the construction of a new mosque. When a

Americans Asked About What the Confederate Flag Represents… The Response Was Overwhelming

Confederate Flag

A new poll revealed that 57 percent of Americans viewed the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride — not a symbol of racism. Furthermore, the CNN/ORC poll also showed that 57 percent of Americans opposed the idea of “redesigning state flags that feature Confederate symbols or emblems,” and 68 percent of Americans majority opposed

Netanyahu Just Issued a July 4th Message About America You’d NEVER Hear From Obama

Netanyahu Obama

As America prepares to celebrate Independence Day, so too does one of our closest allies, Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a celebratory reception at the Tel Aviv home of the U.S. ambassador to Israel, where he spoke about the similarities shared in the biblical foundation of both Israel and the United States. “This

VIDEO: Marine’s Relative Lets Loose on Flag Burners, Issues EPIC Call to Americans Everywhere

american flag message

When the Confederate flag came under widespread attack by the left in the wake of the Charleston Emanuel AME Church shooting, conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh predicted that the American flag would be next to be targeted. Unfortunately, he was right. Wednesday, a group of anti-American, anti-police, race baiting flag burners used to schedule

VIDEO: Once-Every-2000-Years Astronomical Event Has Christians Asking if Jesus Is About to Return

'Star of Bethlehem'

A rare astronomical event recently occurred that has many people wondering if it was a sign that we are in Earth’s last days. On June 30, the planets Jupiter and Venus appeared to line up together and converge in the night sky, forming what is known as a super-star. The last time this convergence is

BREAKING: Benghazi Smoking Gun Found, Proof Obama Knew About Attack 10 DAYS in Advance

Stevens and Obama

After delaying the release of the documents for over a year, the Obama administration finally responded to a May 15, 2014, Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch. And when the contents of the documents released in response to that request were reviewed, the reason for the delay became abundantly clear: the documents constituted

BREAKING: ENTIRE Clerk’s Office Does the Unthinkable as Fight Against Gay Marriage Goes Nuclear

gay rights supporter

Same-sex couples looking to take advantage of the recent Supreme Court ruling to tie the knot will have to look somewhere other than Decatur County, Tenn. That’s because the entire staff of the Decatur County Clerk’s Office has resigned in the wake of that decision, rather than be forced to violate their consciences as the

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly Has Some Bad News for Race Baiters Freaking Out About Black Churches Burning

kelly and church fire

After the tragic shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., that left nine black parishioners dead, allegedly at the hands of a white killer, left-leaning media outlets, activist groups and even the president have seized the opportunity to push various narratives. Coincidentally, in the wake of the shooting, several churches around the country have

EXPOSED: Federal Official Drops Bombshell About the REAL Obama in Shocking Leaked Email


What do government employees think of the guy in charge? Well, if a leaked email from the Centers for Disease Control is any indication, they’re no fonder of him than the rest of America is. The leaked email chain, which dealt with the extreme border issues last summer, called the president “the worst pres we have ever

SICK: Obama Condemns Slavery While Lining The Pockets Of Modern-Day Slave Owners

Confederate Flag And Obama

While delivering a eulogy last week for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who died during the Charleston, S.C., church massacre allegedly committed by Dylann Roof, President Barack Hussein Obama condemned the Confederate flag as a symbol of “systemic oppression and racial subjugation.” Yet on that very same day, our hypocrite in chief demanded that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement being worked on

IDEO: Al Qaeda Insider Comes Forward To Expose Terrifying Strategy For Upcoming Attack

Morten Storm and Megyn Kelly

As America prepares to celebrate its independence this weekend, tensions were running high over threats of an attack by radical Islamic terrorists. Everyone from government intelligence to local law enforcement agencies has been warning of an exceptionally high risk of an imminent attack on our homeland, specifically from the Islamic State group. Recently, a former radical Islamic terrorist

VIDEO: Pat Boone Just Made An Announcement That Will Get Him Blacklisted in Liberal Hollywood

pat boone

Singer and former teen idol Pat Boone has turned into one of the most incisive conservative commentators out there. In a recent interview with The Daily Signal, the 81-year-old Boone didn’t disappoint, putting the Hollywood establishment to shame yet again. This time, Boone made a strong yet reasoned stand for traditional marriage, citing the reasons

BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Just Made a HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump


Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., has been one of the most outspoken voices for border security and ending illegal immigration. Now, the desert lawman is standing up for another American under fire for his comments about the issue, as well. In a radio interview, Sheriff Arpaio confirmed some of the controversial statements made

DEVELOPING: Baltimore Makes Huge Move in Preparation for Freddie Gray Verdict

police confronting rioters baltimore

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced Wednesday that the Baltimore police will be issued new riot gear in preparation for the Freddie Gray trial verdict that was expected to he handed down soon. In a statement she made in a news conference at Baltimore City Hall, Rawlings-Blake acknowledged the lack of preparation and proper gear such as

SPREAD THIS: Former Judge Comes Forward With PROOF Hillary Is Guilty of Treason

Judge Napolitano And Hillary Clinton 2

Former Judge Andrew P. Napolitano published an eye-opening column on Wednesday in which he revealed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton armed radical Middle Eastern organizations that were on the U.S. terror list. During her time as secretary of state, Clinton convinced both President Barack Obama and congressional leaders to allow her to arm

“Last Week While Traveling to Chicago on Business, I Noticed a Marine Sergeant Traveling With…”


The life of a soldier is a difficult one, especially when a soldier loses a comrade in arms. This story of loyalty — and of everyday Americans honoring their heroes — will touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye. (H/T The Federalist Papers Project) God bless our troops. They’re the men and women

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