BOOM: Chuck Norris Announces Perfect Plan for GOP Victory That’ll Have Hillary Running for Cover


No less than 17 men and women are vying for the Republican nomination, which could make for a lot of bad blood at the end of primary season. And while Hillary Clinton is facing more opposition than expected from Vermont socialist/Clarence-Darrow-impersonator Bernie Sanders, it’s nothing compared to the bloodletting on the right side of the

BREAKING: Obama Officials GAVE Muslim Terrorist the Weapon Used in Texas Attack


The media may have forgotten about Eric Holder’s ill-starred “Fast and Furious” gun operation, but they’re about to be reminded in a big way: according to sources, one of the terrorists in the Garland, Texas attack bought his gun from a dealer involved in the “Fast and Furious” scheme. Sources said that Nadir Hamid Soofi bought

Employees Get Terrible News That Owner Sold Company… But Then EVERYTHING Changes

saw worker

In Turkey recently, the CEO and co-founder of Yemeksepeti, a food delivery company, had to let his employees know that he had sold the company to Delivery Hero, a German competitor, for $589 million. The blow was probably softened, however, by the additional news that he had decided to pay bonuses totaling roughly $27 million to

BRUTAL: The Birth Condition That Got This 12-Year-Old Beaten to a Pulp by “Peaceful” Muslims

swedish boy beaten

Muslim apologists will argue until they’re blue in the face that Islam is a “religion of peace” with “tolerant” worshippers, but one only needs take a gander at the headlines each week to see that their claims are far from reality. A 12-year-old boy who resides in the Swedish city of Helsingborg found out the

MADNESS: Did Someone Just SEE Cecil The Lion?

cecil the lion

After pro-abortion, anti-hunting liberals blew up the Internet over the death of an African lion with a funny name, the Minnesota dentist who allegedly killed the big cat on what he thought was a legal hunting expedition, has been forced into hiding with his family as PETA and others called for his death. African villagers interviewed

The Sick Thing Punks Did Inside Home After Family Flies Confederate Flag

Szundryk home

In the weeks following the tragic shooting at a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina, liberal race activists have managed to almost completely replace any historical meaning of the Confederate flag with that of white supremacy and racism. In the eyes of many, it’s now acceptable to target fellow Americans who fly the flag with respect

HORROR: Dad Jailed After Cable Guy Uncovers Scene Even Police Couldn’t Handle

eric and ember warfel

What a cable guy discovered in an apartment in which he was installing a new modem was so gruesome that even the police officers who responded to the scene were sent to counseling immediately after what they saw. Eric Warfel, father of 20-month-old daughter Ember Warfel, was immediately arrested after the cable guy spotted Ember’s tiny

VIDEO: Routine Traffic Stop EXPLODES When Driver Pulls Out This TERRIFYING Item

Routine Traffic Stop

When officers in Middlefield, Ohio, pulled over James Gilkerson for running a stop sign, they expected to hand him a ticket and then be on their way. However, the situation quickly went south when, while the officers were preparing to exit their vehicle and go talk to Gilkerson, he jumped out of his car and start firing at them with

Cop Finds Dangerous Driver, Jumps Into Her Vehicle… Then STUNNED Her With His Next Move

Barbie Henderson

After a black woman who was driving erratically stopped along Interstate 65 in Kentucky, Officer John Nissen approached her car, took a seat in it and consoled her. The woman, Barbie Henderson, had just found out from a phone call that her sister had died. The news left her so shook up that she then dialed 911

DEMOCRAT Issues Chilling 5-Word Warning on What Obama Will Do if Iran Deal Fails

Barack obama

President Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he believes he is above the law. He has stretched the limits of presidential power while making up laws as he goes along. His most recent show of defiance to any kind of rule of law occurred earlier this week when Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., warned

“2 White Males” Wanted by Feds After Doing This With Confederate Flags

Confederate Flag

A federal manhunt is underway for what are described as “two white males” caught on a church’s surveillance camera system as they laid several Confederate flags on the campus grounds of a predominantly black church. The four small Confederate flags were placed around the Ebenezer Baptist Church, located in Atlanta near the Martine Luther King Jr. center.

PHOTO: The “Cecil the Lion vs. Planned Parenthood” Meme That Liberals Absolutely Despise

Cecil PP meme

Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby parts and the death of Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion have been two of the hottest stories in the news this week. By juxtaposing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of humans against the death of one animal, the timing of the two stories has provided an interesting look into the

VIDEO: 30 Year Old Video of Trump Reveals Shocking Truth About His Politics

Donald Trump

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump — the candidate sitting comfortably at the top of nearly every national poll — deployed a simple strategy to capture and maintain his lead that hasn’t involved millions of dollars. Instead, he chose to be bold and tell the truth. And according to video footage from interviews that took place nearly

Hillary Clinton Whines About How Dumb People Are Her Greatest Weakness

Hillary Clinton

In true liberal fashion, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reveals what she truly thinks of American voters who happen to disagree with her. In an interview with The Skimm, she answered a few questions about herself and her run for president. Perhaps the most interesting question asked was, “What is your biggest weakness?” Clinton’s answer shouldn’t

135 Republicans Just Made This Massive Move Against Planned Parenthood

ProLife March

Earlier this week, 135 House Republicans sent a letter to the Department of Justice demanding that it investigate Planned Parenthood for allegedly harvesting and selling aborted-baby body parts. “The harvesting of human fetal body parts for sale is an activity which shocks the conscience,” the letter read. “Moreover, the tragic ethical considerations, potential for criminal violations

VIDEO: Hysterical Child Pulled From Hot Van… Here’s How Cop Reacts When Mom Returns

minivan child

Heroic efforts by police officers and staff at Costco in Hackensack, New Jersey, saved the life of a toddler on Friday. Locked in a minivan in the Costco parking lot while her mother shopped in the store, the toddler was buckled in her car seat as the temperature rose in the vehicle. Rafael Rodriguez, a passerby

The 5 Reasons Jeb Bush Must NEVER Win The GOP Nomination


The general consensus about 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is that, like Romney and McCain before him, he’s the usual flavor of Republican lite. He kind of sort of not really tastes like a Republican, but with a lot less ideas! While that should be enough to deny him your vote, Bush is a lot worse

Tens of Thousands Are “Sharing” Brutal Post From Matt Walsh… Rips Planned Parenthood Apart

walsh and planned parenthood

Former conservative talk radio host and current mega-blogger Matt Walsh used his hugely popular Facebook page to denounce Planned Parenthood and rip them apart in brutally epic fashion. His post began by outlining the details of the fourth undercover investigative video released by David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress — an anti-abortion

BREAKING: Obama’s Military Makes Sick Move Against Navy Officer Who Shot Muslim Attacker

obama white abdulazeez

One of the Marines shot in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, terror attack also exchanged fire with the shooter, recent reports have revealed. During the gunfire, Navy Lt. Cmdr Timothy White shot at the terrorist in hopes of saving lives. White used his own firearm to engage the shooter — but instead of being recognized for his heroic

VIDEO: Crowd Goes Wild When Cyclist Does THIS to Car Parked on Bike Path


A quiet war has been raging for a while now between cyclists and car drivers over how to share the road. Battle lines have been drawn on roadsides as many cities have now incorporated bike lanes or issued a recommended safe distance for cars and bikes to get along safely. It can be a touchy subject