Texas Town Hires Private Police Force … And Then Something Stunning Happened

S.E.A.L. Security Systems

American police forces have had more than their share of bad publicity. Corruption, racial profiling, use of excessive force … rightly or wrongly, it has all been reported regularly on the televised evening news. And it appears to be happening nationwide. So one Texas town decided to think outside the box. The civic leaders fired

VIDEO: NFL Star Issues Stunning Statement About Radical Islam

Benjamin Watson

A current NFL star stunned America when he wrote what would soon become a viral post on his Facebook page concerning the persecution of Christians around the world by terrorist organizations like the Islamic State group. New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson took to Facebook to vent his feelings about the increase in violence

These Photos Completely Expose Obama’s Character vs. Netanyahu’s

Barack Obama

The contrast in leadership styles between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is stark, to say the least. Below, you’ll find a series of photos that compare the two heads of state like you’ve never seen before and it sheds a bright light on the difference in character between the two men. At left,

BREAKING: Egypt UNLEASHES on Radical Islam With Massive Move Against 27,000 Mosques

angry Muslims

While Egypt continues to face threats of radical Islamic terrorism on all sides, Egyptian President Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sissi is making waves trying to root out the terrorists. His administration has made a move to close down all “neighborhood places of worship” of less than 80 square meters, which will affect roughly 27,000 mosques. These

DEVELOPING: Mike Brown’s Family Could Finally Pay the Price For Their Crimes

Lesley McSpadden and Louis Head

Back in October, Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown, confronted Pearlie Gordon, Brown’s grandmother, over a booth the grandmother had set up selling merchandise bearing Mike Brown’s name to protesters. McSpadden, along with 20-30 other people, ultimately ransacked the booth, assaulting members of Gordon’s group, destroying merchandise and stealing nearly $2,000 in cash and goods.

Dr. Carson Said Obama Is Turning America Into Nazi Germany… And Look How Liberals Are Reacting

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, one of the leading potential candidates for the GOP nomination for president in 2016, has never been shy in his criticism of President Barack Obama. Carson, who believes that political correctness is “fascism,” has also pointed out the fascist nature of Obamacare. He has gone further though, drawing comparisons between the Obama

URGENT: Gangs of Muslims Did Something Horrific to Hundreds of Girls in the UK


In a case that simultaneously needs to be seen everywhere and is also very hard to share, it has been discovered that a gang of Muslims in the U.K. were organizing criminal rings that did horrible things to hundreds of girls. “Nearly 400 girls may have been sexually exploited in Oxfordshire over a 16-year period,

BREAKING: Obama’s New Defense Secretary Makes Huge Move to DEFY His New Boss

Ash Carter

President Barack Obama has already gone through a handful of defense secretaries during his time in office, seemingly searching for one who will blindly implement his destructive policies to weaken the military and expose the vulnerabilities of America. His prior defense secretaries have been either weak and inept, like Chuck Hagel, or have bucked his

BREAKING: Holder Launches Full Attack on Ferguson PD, Issues This MASSIVE Threat to Cops

Eric Holder

Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson has finally been cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting death of Michael Brown, as the Department of Justice, try as it might, was simply unable to find convincing evidence that Wilson committed a hate crime or deliberately violated Brown’s rights. However, Holder’s report was not so kind to the entire

VIDEO: Guy Tells Female UFC Champ She Can’t Hurt Him… Immediately Regrets It

Ronda Rousey

Championship fighters, whether in traditional boxing or mixed martial arts, are constantly challenged and asked to show off their moves by the public — and it probably gets really annoying after awhile. Ultimate Fighting Championship champion Ronda Rousey gets called out regularly, but typically brushes it off — unless the person doing the trash talking invokes

BREAKING: Congressman Delivers Some EPIC Bad News to Obama’s Ammo Ban

Barack Obama

As reported here recently, President Barack Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is trying to change the rules for classifying armor-piercing ammunition in such a way as to ban the very popular M855 5.56 mm rounds. The ATF is currently accepting comments on this matter before making a final decision (how nice of them),

Arabs Respond to Netanyahu’s Speech… Completely Stun Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu

Although many may view the following sentence as the grandest understatement of all time, here it is nonetheless: Israel is not the most popular nation in the Middle East. That being said, the Arab world actually expressed quite a bit of support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after his highly publicized address to a joint

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Caught Doing Something DISGRACEFUL to Netanyahu During Speech

Pelosi turns back on Bibi

Former Speaker of the House and current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is an absolute disgrace to the American people. Aside from her tyrannical reign as Speaker, in which she rammed through the Obamacare law without allowing anyone to read it, she has also proven to be quite corrupt and has revealed herself to be, shall

Greedy Daughter Digs Up Dad’s Grave Looking for Money… Finds Big Surprise Instead

fatherss coffin

Melanie Nash thought, when she was digging up her dead father, she would be getting a windfall of cash. Instead, all the bad seed got was a bottle of Smirnoff and a pack of smokes. The New Hampshire woman thought that her sister, Susie Nash, had hidden the real will from her in her father’s

ALERT: Welfare Leeches Using Tax Dollars to Fund ISIS… But That’s Not All

Jihadi John apartment

The scope of British welfare abuse is far worse than it is in the United States, and apparently the only victim isn’t just the British taxpayer. According to a recent report, benefits may have gone to the Islamic State group through the family of Jihadi John in spite of the fact that the British government should

[PHOTOS] Huge Archaeological Discovery in Israel Could Give Us New Info About Jesus’ Life

Jesus' home

A home discovered in Nazareth, Northern Israel, could have been the very home in which Mary and Joseph raised Jesus. Dr. Ken Dark of The Reading University wrote in an article that there is “no good archaeological reason” that this house is not where Jesus grew up. The home was discovered under the Sisters of Nazareth convent

BOOM: Eric Holder Makes Massive Admission About Ferguson… Race Baiters Silent

Darren Wilson

In a release that was long expected but still must have pained Attorney General Eric Holder to write, the Department of Justice has officially exonerated Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson of all charges. Wilson, who came to national attention after the shooting of Michael Brown in August of 2014, had long been a target

Here Are the 75 Republicans Who Voted to FUND Obama’s Amnesty… We Will Remember

John Boehner

On Tuesday, a joint session of Congress was assembled to listen to the exhortations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who stands adamantly opposed to President Barack Obama’s “bad deal” being secretly negotiated with Iran. While the media and political pundits were focused on all of the ins-and-outs and potential ramifications of the speech, Congress

BREAKING: New State to Begin Drug Testing Welfare Recipients… Is It Yours?

welfare EBT

So far this year 12 states have made moves to require drug tests for some, if not all, applicants for welfare. Now a 13th state has join their ranks. The Arkansas legislature is considering a bill that would require some recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to be tested for drug use before they could

BREAKING: Major US City Forces Schoolkids to Recognize Muslim Holidays

Islamic Prayers Kids

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided this week to start forcing the students of his city to celebrate the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Adha and al-Fitr every year. Why? Because of diversity, of course. The measure originally popped up during Michael Bloomberg’s administration, but he flat-out rejected it on the premise that adding more religious

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