This Iraq War Vet Now Serving in Congress Has a Few Words for Obama’s Plan to “Arm Islamists” [WATCH]

Duncan Hunter

Evidently at least one member of Congress has the courage and capacity to argue for common sense. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) opposes supplying arms to one Islamist militant group against for them use against a different Islamist militant group. He contends that we can’t fight Islamists by arming Islamists. (H/T: Congressman Hunter is a

URGENT: Black Panthers Are Now Threatening the FAMILIES of Ferguson Police Officers

Ferguson New Black Panther Threatens Police

Threats against Missouri law enforcement and their families are escalating, according to St. Louis Police Union spokesman Jeff Roorda. Officers in Ferguson and St. Louis have reported receiving threats, reports Gateway Pundit. Tensions between protesters and law enforcement officials there have been high ever since the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August by a

URGENT: What Illegals Brought With Them Could Be Spreading Diseases


During the height of the illegal immigrant border invasion that occurred earlier this year, thousands of the illegals brought diseases along with them, to be spread around the country with the help of the Obama administration. Border Patrol agents who detained these sick illegals have gotten sick, and doctors and nurses were threatened with arrest

Mike Huckabee Has a Plan for “Every Pastor in America”… Liberals Will Hate It


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, also a Southern Baptist minister, came up with a clever idea to counter religious liberty violations in Houston (H/T: Newsmax). Huckabee encouraged American pastors to mail Bibles and copies of all of their sermons to Houston Mayor Annise Parker. The mayor recently issued a broad subpoena compelling Houston pastors to

BREAKING: Liberal Unions Suffer Massive Defeat That Could Cause a Collapse

detroit union factory plant fisher-body-plant

Wisconsin teachers have been leaving the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) in droves ever since Gov. Scott Walker passed the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill (also known as Act 10) in 2011. According to Fox News, the bill allowed teachers to opt out of membership in the WEAC and also forced the organization to “mount a

Feds Have Finally Put Up Fences in Border State… But the Reason WHY is Absurd [WATCH]

New Mexico rancher loses land to mice

The federal government has been grabbing control of massive areas of land in many western states, ostensibly for environmental protection, or for the future use of national monuments, or some other ridiculously absurd reason. In reality, they are doing little more than placing large swathes of “public” land off-limits to the public and in the

This Elderly Man Just Showed This Young MMA Fighter That He’s Still Got It in Viral Video [WATCH]

screenshot.2014-10-20 (1)

Next time you think about messing with senior citizen, think again. A cocky, young MMA fighter learned a humbling lesson when he went up against an old man. The video of the pummeling is going viral, says Mad World. It seems as if the old man has a little experience of his own in the ring.

ALERT: Source of Ebola virus in Africa Finally Tracked Down [DETAILS]

Screen Shot Ebola

Some infected bats are now believed to be the origin of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa, reports Mad World. More specifically, the disease has been traced back to a family in southeast Guinea who hunted and ate these infected bats (“bushmeat”). The family’s 2-year-old child, now dubbed Child Zero, died from the disease

Dr. Carson Has a Lesson for “Foolish” Liberals Who Think We Don’t Need an Ebola Travel Ban

Dr. Ben Carson common sense

Dr. Ben Carson has been one of the chorus of voices calling for a travel ban and quarantine on people attempting to come to the United States from the Ebola virus affected region of West Africa. He says the fact that the Obama administration has refused to take the “common sense” measure of implementing travel

“My Boots Were on That Ground”: GOP Candidate and Iraq War Vet SLAMS Democrat Challenger [VIDEO]

ernst - braley

Iowa Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Joni Ernst walloped her opponent, Democrat Bruce Braley, in their recent final debate. This is a classic American battle between a veteran and a trial lawyer. The issue this time was foreign policy. Braley tried and failed to lecture Ernst on how to handle the Islamic State. He contended that Ernst

Wow… Obama Was Just Humiliated by the Audience During His Speech

Obama sad GOP may win midterms

In a devastating blow to his ego and to his role as leader of the Democratic Party, President Barack Obama was embarrassingly humiliated by a bunch of walkouts during his speech in support of Lieu. Gov. Anthony Brown’s bid to succeed Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland (H/T Newmax). President Obama has not been on the campaign

It Took This Teacher Nearly a Minute to Explain 9+6=15 the “Common Core” Way [WATCH]


Just in case you needed yet another reason to join the nationwide fight to reject Obama’s Common Core standards, the video below will surely do the trick. This mind-blowing minute-long clip will not only leave you exhausted but also infuriated. Advance warning: this video is actually difficult to watch, and may cause a temporary shutdown of

Race Baiters’ Response to White People “Rioting” Will Make You Sick [TWEETS]

rioters in Keene, NH

Over the weekend, a family-friendly pumpkin festival in the town of Keene, N.H., descended into chaos and mayhem, as drunk and unruly college students, teenagers, and ne’er-do-wells took to the streets, smashing pumpkins, setting fires, and overturning cars. It was fairly reminiscent of the ridiculous tradition many cities face when fans of a local team celebrate

BREAKING: Chuck Norris Breaks Silence, Makes Huge Stand for Persecuted Texas Pastors

Chuck Norris

American patriot Chuck Norris has penned a scathing piece on America’s First Amendment problem in the wake of the city of Houston subpoenaing local pastors for their sermons and private correspondence. Houston mayor Annise Parker made national headlines recently when she demanded pastors who opposed the city’s new law concerning transgender bathroom usage and so-called equal rights

BREAKING: U.S. Military and the Kurds Achieve Massive Victory Over the “Islamic State”

Enduring Freedom

This is huge news from the battlefront against the Islamic State. Despite Barack Obama’s incredibly flawed strategy, the U.S. military just helped Kurdish “boots on the ground” retake the city of Kobane. Kurdish soldiers from the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) now control the city, according to a Kurdish official. “‘There is no ISIS in Kobane

58% of Americans All Predict the Same Horrifying Fate for Our Nation… Are They Right?


We often see polls, particularly during election years, asking people if they think the country is on the right or wrong track. This year, however, someone at Fox News created a poll asking people their opinion of the world’s situation, whether “everything will be fine,” or if it’s going “to hell in a handbasket.” An amazing

BREAKING: America’s Nurses Are Uniting Against Obama Over Ebola [VIDEO]

ebola 1

Obama and the CDC’s handling of the Ebola crisis has been a disaster from the start, and now America’s nurses are pleading for some decisive leadership so they can effectively do their jobs. On CBS’ Sunday program “Face the Nation,” Jean Ross, co-president of National Nurses United, implored the president to step up and create

Hillary Clinton Is NOT Going to Like These Signs That Will Be Used Against Her [PICTURE]

Hillary's flying monkey teaser

Hillary Clinton is the presumed Democratic nominee for President in 2016, but she may want to hold off on picking out furniture for the White House for now. Dogged by perpetual scandals and corruption, with a long history of lying, she has faced slumping book sales and ticket sales to her speeches, at which she is

ALERT: Pentagon Makes Announcement About Ebola… It’s Not Good


When it comes to the 3a.m. phone call about the Ebola virus, the Obama administration is apparently going to let it keep ringing. First came word that the CDC let a nurse treating Ebola patients fly commercially in spite of the fact she’d reported early symptoms of infection. Then there were Dr. Ben Carson’s remarks alleging the President

Criminal Tried to Mess With a 67-Year Old Vietnam Vet… It Didn’t Work Out [WATCH VIDEO]

[CT] Oakbus copy

In this older, but still amazing video, an attacker had plenty of chances to walk away with his dignity (and face) intact, but he just wasn’t smart enough to. Michael Lovette, a 50-year-old passenger on an Oakland bus, decided to bully 67-year-old veteran Thomas Bruso, a man the Daily Mail reports goes by the nickname “Vietnam Tom.”

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