US Intelligence Just Revealed How Many Americans Are Fighting for ISIS… And It’s Scary

Douglas McCain

Far from being a junior varsity team, the radical Islamic terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, sometimes known as ISIS, ISIL, or simply the Islamic State, pose an immediate threat to the United States. How much of an immediate threat remains to be seen. President Barack Obama dismissed the ISIS terrorists as

Awesome: Petition Launched to Send Lois Lerner to Prison [PETITION]

Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner, one of the masterminds behind the IRS targeting scandal, continues to find herself on the naughty list, as more and more information comes out proving she attempted to silence conservative groups using her power and authority at the agency. Congressional investigators, including Rep. Trey Gowdy, the man now spearheading efforts to uncover the

Did Mitt Romney Just Admit That He’s Going to Run Against Hillary Clinton?

Mitt Romney might run in 2016

President Obama beat GOP challenger Mitt Romney in 2012, but only by a close margin.  There are numerous allegations of voter fraud and cheating, which if true, could have erased the margin of victory. A majority of people have realized over the past couple of years that they probably should have voted for Romney, as

This Liberal Tried to Defend Obama… But Megyn Kelly Tore Her to Pieces [WATCH]


It’s no secret that President Obama and the rest of his cronies are wildly out of touch with the American people, and seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of their job description as laid out by the Constitution. The world is currently in turmoil, chaos is running rampant in Iraq, vicious gangs and drug cartels

Every School in America Needs to Do What This Texas School District Did

Argyle Texas

There is truth to the old saw that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws carry guns. That’s exactly why so many law enforcement officials are encouraging citizens to fight crime in their communities by carrying legal firearms. Elected sheriffs have traditionally encouraged their constituents to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,

BOMBSHELL: Did Hillary Clinton Just Help Hamas Build Terror Tunnels? [DETAILS]

Hillary Clinton and Mohammed Morsi

Now that Israel and Hamas have entered into yet another cease fire agreement, and the fighting has paused once again, it is time to take stock of the situation. There has been ample attention on the thousands of missiles and rockets that Hamas has fired into Israel, as well as on the Israeli “Iron Dome”

This Conservative Sheriff Issues Call to Action… This Could Topple Obama’s Agenda


As President Obama and his liberal cronies continue their assault on the Constitution and rights of the people, there are patriotic Americans all across the country who are beginning to fight back. Sheriffs from coast to coast are starting to band together in an effort to uphold the Constitution, regardless of the legislation passed by

This Map Shows Where the “Islamic State” Wants to Conquer… And It’s Scary [URGENT]

Islamic State

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, alternatively known as ISIS or ISIL, has established a Caliphate in the heart of the Middle East. The goal of this Caliphate is to unify the whole of the Muslim world under one banner, the black flag of radical Islam, and to ultimately rule the entire world under

Guess How Many Years Lois Lerner Could Spend in Jail?

Lois Lerner

After months of lies, obfuscation, silence, and misdirection, President Barack Obama’s claim that there was not even a “smidgeon” of corruption in his Internal Revenue Service has proven to be false. It’s been a long time coming. Originally, Lois Lerner, head of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS had appeared to be cooperating with

Sean Hannity Tells a Radical Muslim Exactly What’s Going to Happen to Him and His Friends [WATCH]


Radical Islam is spreading like a cancer across the globe, leaving a trail of blood, tears, and death as it carves a path into the Western world. Islamic State terrorists have been marching across northern Iraq, killing thousands, forcing Christians to choose between conversion or death, causing many to feel into the mountains. This group of

Did Texas Just Declare War on the EPA in Defense of Their Land? [DETAILS]

Rick Perry

President Barack Obama is clearly determined to enact his liberal agenda without regard for the Congress, the Constitution, or the wishes of the American people. In fact, his massive federal overreach has appeared in almost every aspect of American life. He rammed the Obamacare bill through a Democratic Congress on a party-line vote and then

Billboard Explains EXACTLY What to Do With Jihadists… It’s Going Viral [PICTURE]

billboard one

Sometimes it just doesn’t take many words to make a valid point. That’s proven true by some of the best-known aphorisms in the English language. For example, “Measure twice, cut once,” “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” or “Hunger is the best sauce” all express truth that can be applied to numerous situations–without exceeding six

Muslims Are Calling for Andrea Tantaros to Get Fired from Fox… But She Won’t Back Down

Andrea Tantaros

Being a female conservative in the media is a pretty tough gig, which is why many of the lovely ladies of Fox News and other outlets happen to be very strong, independent, and firm in their convictions. Women in the conservative movement often get called a slew of nasty names, which is ironic considering that

Marine Vet to the Islamic State: “We Will Bring the Righteous Hand of God Down Upon You” [FULL TEXT]

Nick Powers

While politicians like President Barack Obama fret over the best response to the radical terrorists of the Islamic State, others advocate decisive action to stop the threat. It’s no great surprise that Republican Governor Rick Perry suggests military action to destroy the terrorists and protect Christians and other Iraqi minorities, or even when John McCain–who,

This Congressman Just Revealed Obama’s Plan to Take Over PRIVATE LAND [MAP]

President Obama Holds Rally In Las Vegas With Harry Reid

The Obama administration hasn’t only been assaulting the Constitution and attacking the individual rights of private people, but they have also been going after and seizing control of private property owned by individuals, particularly private land, especially out west. Numerous agencies have been involved in these land and power grabs, most notably the Bureau of

Black Business Owner Goes Off on Broken Black Culture: “GET IT TOGETHER” [VIDEO]

Max Harris

The race riots in Ferguson, Missouri have reopened the debate on race relations in America that many considered closed after an African American man was elected–twice–as president of the United States. The usual suspects–Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their ilk–have attempted to portray the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by white Police Officer Darren

Texas Jury Acquits Dad Who Shot Drunken Driver Who Killed 2 Sons

David Barajas

Apparently, Rick Perry isn’t the only Texas resident who has had to deal with an unprovable criminal indictment recently, although his case is probably the best-publicized by a liberal media gleeful to see a Republican figure of national prominence under fire. Perry was accused in an obviously partisan attack of threatening to use his line

URGENT: Obama is Launching This Massive Plan to Explode Welfare [INTERVIEW]

Barack Obama

Just when it seems that conservatives are starting to make some headway against the welfare state, President Barack Obama prepares to ensure that as many people as possible remain dependent on the government for as much as possible. Some recent news has been good–predictably in states with Republican governors. South Carolina has moved tens of

House Committee Reveals New Information That PROVES We Need Prosecutors for Obama

Obama sad GOP may win midterms

House Republicans, particularly in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, have been digging deep into the IRS targeting of conservative groups scandal, and they have uncovered a multitude of evidence showing there is much more than just a “smidgen” of corruption. The Obama administration has done next to nothing to address the IRS targeting scandal,

WATCH: Watch as Israel’s Iron Dome Obliterates 15 Terrorist Rockets… At One Time [VIDEO]

iron dome

Israel and Hamas continue to be locked in a bloody conflict as mortars are still being fired into the Jewish nation resulting in injuries, death, and destruction. While Hamas terrorists are managing to do some damage to Israeli communities, the majority of their rockets never hit their targets, thanks in large part to the Iron

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