Veterinarian Tests Sick Dog’s Urine… Moments Later the Cops Are Rolling Up

little guy and rogers

After a Georgia man brought his dog to the local veterinarian’s office to determine why he was pacing nervously around the house, veterinarian Kevin Chapman was shocked at what he discovered after testing the dog’s urine. It turns out that 47-year-old Marty Allen Rogers of Talmo, Georgia, must have left a bag of methamphetamines lying

Police Arrest 4 Black Thugs For Beating 96-Year-Old Woman… But What They Stole Is Worst Crime of All

robery suspects

Most of us know that thugs are cowards, but after an incident Wednesday that involved four thugs knocking over a 96-year-old woman for a few bucks, “coward” may no longer be a strong enough word to describe them. After the woman answered her door in the Crafton Heights area of Pittsburgh and realized that the four

VIDEO: What Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Did Last Night Is Exploding Across the Internet

palin trump interview

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin landed a huge interview with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump just one week after being hired as a guest host on One America News Network’s “On Point.” The two spoke about the pressing issues facing the United States today, which Trump has offered solutions for — solutions that members of

VIDEO: Sheriff David Clarke Issues 5-Word Challenge That Barack Obama Wishes He Never Heard

david clarke

Thursday night, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Democrats have been “exploiting misery and tragedy” to pursue their anti-gun agenda. “But here’s my challenge to the president of the United States, you think this is so easy,” he said. “Forego your Secret Service protection, for you, for the first lady, and your children,

HILARIOUS: Priest Gets Smart Aleck Answer From Policeman, So Priest Decides to Even the Score… And Then Some

priest cop teaser

There are two groups of people you never want to mess with: law enforcement officers and the clergy. Oh, and moms. Make that three groups of people. Moms are irrelevant to this joke, but it’s a good thing to remember not to mess with them anyway. At any rate, our good friends at the Federalist

STEALTHY: Europe Quietly Makes Move to Begin Strangling Radical Muslims

European mosque

But several European countries are now desperately trying to correct the mistakes of multiculturalism and tolerance by discouraging the growth of Muslim infrastructure within their borders, such as mosques and Shariah courts. Italy was one of the first European countries to limit or completely ban construction of new mosques and more closely monitor activity around

INSANE: Man Elopes With Married Woman, So Court Condemns HIS SISTERS to This Horrific Punishment

indian untouchable

After an Indian man eloped with a married woman from a higher cast than he was, an all male council ruled that his two sisters should be gang raped, have their faces blackened, and then be paraded through town naked to answer for his crimes. The two sisters are pleading with the Supreme Court for

PHOTOS: Hobbiest Flies Drone Above Wind Turbine… What He Sees Would Turn Anyone’s Stomach

turbine drone teaser

A hobbyist was taking his drone out for a run while he was vacationing in Rhode Island. When the drone passed by a 175-foot wind turbine, it caught the image of something totally unexpected. Kevin Miller of California uploaded his video to YouTube, describing the image as “my chance to get up close to capture what

They Told This NFL Player to Get an Abortion… But What He and His Wife Did Silenced Them All

Evan Rodriguez and wife Olivia

When former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Evan Rodriguez and his wife Olivia learned from their doctor that their first child, due in December, was going to be born with a severe birth defect known as anencephaly, they had a very tough decision on their hands. “From that moment on, I’m like, ‘What can we do?’” Rodriguez told reporters about

VIDEO: Cops Kill Aspiring Gang Banger, So Black Rioters Find Sick Way to Get Even

race rioters

After aspiring gangster rapper Mansur Ball-Bey was shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer for pointing a gun at them, the same race rioters who protested the justified shooting of criminal Mike Brown decided that once again, looting a local business would be an acceptable way to achieve “social justice.” During the Aug. 19

GUTS: Marine Takes Massive Chance, Asks Ronda Rousey Gutsiest Question Ever

ronda rousey

There’s at least one man who isn’t afraid of a strong woman — and that’s U.S. Marine Jarrod Hash. Hash demonstrated just how much respect he has for tough women when he asked Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Ronda Rousey to join him at the Marine Corps Ball in November. Hash, based in North Carolina, made

EXPOSED: What Obama’s Refusing to Target in “War” on ISIS… This Has to Be Treason

Obama and ISIS

Recent news from defense and intelligence officials indicated that the Pentagon had not conducted airstrikes against approximately 60 Islamic State group training camps responsible for equipping the terror group with thousands of fighters every month. The camps were located among Islamic State group-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria, which are off limits to the international bombing

PHOTO: Workers Notice Odd Item Underwater… Find “Momentous” 300 Year Old Treasure

underwater diver

Last Spring in Maryland, a maintenance crew was performing a routine cleaning of the U.S. 50 bridge over the Nanticoke River when they stumbled upon wood that looked like ship timbers. Archaeologists are now confirming that the find was indeed as they suspected. Not only is is the archaeological find a ship, but based on scientists’

VIDEO: John Wayne’s Own Version of the Pledge of Allegiance Is Incredible… Every American Should Hear This

john wayne

Anti-Christian liberals and atheists aren’t a new phenomenon, by any stretch. When legendary screen actor John Wayne was in his prime, he made a brilliant speech about the Pledge of Allegiance after a Hollywood liberal tried to tell him how to honor the American flag. The fight to remove God from everything we say or do,

PHOTO: Woman With Down Syndrome Son Hit Rock Bottom… Then She Got This Note at Waffle House

Waffle House Bill

The mother and father of a boy with Down syndrome were desperately trying to find an anonymous couple who paid for their family’s meal on Aug. 19 at a Waffle House in Aiken, South Carolina. “It meant a whole lot. It really took our lives from —  for just a little bit — it took our lives

BOOM: 50,000 Welfare Leeches Are About to Get Some Brutal Bad News


Residents in Indiana qualifying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program were at risk of losing those those benefits now that lawmakers have begun considering reinstating a previously suspended requirement to receive benefits. The requirement for able-bodied adults to work or obtain an education was suspended during the recession but the requirement is being reinstated, according to WXIN. The welfare

VIDEO: Cop Drops Truth Bomb on Thugs… Quickly Learns That Was a Bad Idea

Chicago cop

A Chicago police officer has been placed under investigation by internal affairs because he had the courage to deliver a truth bomb to some local thugs while being recorded. “It’s all black people that live here, so I got no choice but to f***ing pull over black people,” the unnamed officer said in retort after

One of Those “Evil CEOs” Liberals Hate Just Did Something Incredible for Mothers of French Train Heroes

Tim Boyle

Liberals like to constantly remind American that all CEOs are evil terrible people who like to squash the middle class in their rise to power. While that may be true for a few of them, most are actually decent people who have earned a lot of money through hard work and smart ideas. One of these

Black Activists Broadcast Special Plan for Whites and Cops… This Will Mean War


Some high standing members of society have begun calling for attacks on white people and police officers. Apparently this violence would be way to “avenge” the deaths of black men that have been making headlines recently. Members of the #FYF911 (also known as #F***YoFlag) as well as members of the Black Lives Matter movement encouraged people

VIDEO: TSA Agent Follows Student Into Bathroom… Moments Later She Heads Straight to Police

LaGuardia Airport

A foreign exchange student from South Korea learned firsthand this week why so many of us distrust Transportation Security Administration agents. Upon arriving at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, the young woman, 22, was approached by a burly TSA agent who instructed her to enter into the men’s bathroom with him for “additional screening.” He

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