VIDEO: 82-Year-Old Black Grandmother Is Fed Up, Rips the Democrat Party to Shreds

grandmother defected

Joyve, an 82-year-old black grandmother, called into C-SPAN during President Barack Obama‘s 2012 campaign and explained that she had been a Democrat all of her life, but her feelings had recently changed. So much so, that she voted the straight Republican ticket that year. In anger and passion Joyce explained why she chose to leave the party that

VIDEO: Teacher Decided to Stomp on the American Flag, But the Locals Came Out in Full Force

flag march video

An anti-American teacher at an Illinois high school ignited a firestorm of controversy when he decided that during class, he would use an American flag as a pointing tool to teach that day’s lesson. But after one student bravely and correctly pointed out that using Old Glory for a pointing device was disrespectful, the immature

VIDEO: Man Arrested Fakes an Injury, But He Didn’t Know Cameras Were Rolling

suspect fakes injury

In East Baltimore, the following news story started out just like many that have been circulating in the media regarding riots and police brutality since the death of Freddie Gray. “The neighbors who live right along Madison here that I spoke to said the actual shooting, the initial shooting, in their belief happened a block south

URGENT: State Dept. Reveals Sick Plan for US to “Play a Leading Role” in Absorbing More Muslims

obama and refugees

While Christians in the Middle East are beheaded and mercilessly attacked for simply not being Muslims, their attempts to flee to the United States for safety are increasingly being denied by Obama’s State Department. But at the same time, Obama freely allows Muslims refugees — people who aren’t even threatened like Christians are in their

Dad Who Died in the Line of Duty Couldn’t Be at the Big Game, So Here’s Who Showed Up Instead

tyler martin

A Houston police officer who was protecting innocent citizens was tragically killed in the line of duty Monday, just one day before he would have watched his son pitch in a little league baseball game the following night. The officer, Richard Martin, was a five-year veteran of the Houston police department and was killed as he deployed

VIDEO: Rick Perry Responds to Obama’s Attempt to Divide America in 1 EPIC Sentence

obama and perry

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is not wasting time making comparisons between his leadership style and that of President Barack Obama, as was made perfectly clear Thursday at the 2015 Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma. As Obama continues to divide this country, especially concerning issues of race and class, conservative Christian leaders like Perry are

VIDEO: Donald Trump Issues Epic Promise to Christians if Elected President

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a man some people love to hate, especially anti-capitalism liberals who can’t stand the idea that he conquered this thing we call the “American dream” and became overwhelmingly successful in business. Having announced in March that he had formed a presidential exploratory committee, Trump may be taking his consideration to run for the 2016 presidency

VIDEO: Sheriff David Clarke Uses 8 Words to Shut Arrogant Dem Congressman’s Mouth

Sheriff David Clarke

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen tried to ridicule Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke with a gotcha question during a House committee hearing Tuesday, but he failed miserably. “You said that illegal drug use is the scourge of the black community and it is a problem and leads to a great deal of violent crime,” Cohen said. He

Liberals Panic After Kansas Unveils Brilliant New Plan to Smash Welfare Abuse

welfare booze cruise

Welfare fraudsters in Kansas might decide a quicker way to get money is to actually get a job and earn it after they hear about new legislation on the horizon. Legislators in Kansas have made getting welfare money decidedly more difficult by placing a cap of $25 on cash withdrawals beginning July 1. The cap

VIDEO: Black Militants Command Whites to “Bow” to Them on the Street… Where’s Al Sharpton?

Brooklyn thug

In our supposedly colorblind society, there are a tragic number of people who still continue to see only in black and white. A showdown, filmed in the streets of New York City, showed the simmering hatred that still exists today. The incident started when a member of the Five Percent Nation, a militant offshoot of the

SPREAD THIS: The Interaction Between White Cop and Black Man the Media Won’t Report

Trooper Okes and Joseph Owusu

Joseph Owusu, a 20-year-old black student from Virginia Tech was on his way home to his mother’s house when he suffered a flat tire on his Mercedes, becoming stranded “in the middle of nowhere.” Owusu was ultimately discovered and approached by white Virginia State Trooper Matt Okes, who didn’t immediately harass Owusu, beat him up,

VIDEO: Fox News Host Calls Hillary the “Most Corrupt Woman in the History of the World

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly popular with Republicans, and one Fox News host made that abundantly clear the other day on live television. “Outnumbered” host Andrea Tantaros called Hillary Clinton the “most corrupt woman in the history of the world.” Talk about being blunt! This discussed was centered around how satisfied Republicans feel with their current crop of potential 2016 candidates.

UNREAL: Look What Muslim Students Just Got Courtesy of Michelle Obama

michelle and muslim kids

It’s bad enough that Michelle Obama is forcing repulsive school lunches down students’ throats at schools held hostage to serving the slop because they depend on federal assistance. Now the first lady of lunches has decided to cater specifically to Muslim students. At one San Diego school, Muslim students will now have the option to

“Game of Thrones” Actress Issues Fantastic Statement That’s Driving Liberals Crazy


The hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” is no stranger to controversy. In addition to killing off a main character almost every episode, the show also has a rather sketchy sexual side, with rape being a common theme. The character Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, aka Khaleesi, is played by Emilia Clarke. Her body double, Rosie Mac, recently

VIDEO: Teacher Orders Other Students to Assault Young Boy

Gavin Norman

We sometimes come across stories about fights or assaults that take place in schools, with teachers either being the target of the assault or otherwise becoming involved as they attempt to break things up. However, in this particular case out of Texas, an assault took place on a student at the direction of the teacher.

VIDEO: Mother Goes on Rampage After Learning What Dentist Had Been Doing to Kids


A pediatric dentist from Jacksonville, Fla., has been accused of choking and abusing his underaged patients. This is in addition to performing unnecessarily painful procedures on children in an attempt to collect money from Medicaid. Parents of these children have been protesting for three weeksm demanding that Dr. Howard Schneider be arrested for his crimes.

Retired US Marine Takes on Road-Raging Gang Member… But HE’S the One Sitting in Jail Right Now

richard zahn

Retired Master Gunnery Sgt. Richard Zahn is the latest victim of New Jersey’s confounding gun laws. Zahn, a disabled veteran who spent more than 25 years of his life serving and protecting America in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Kosovo, has been sitting in a New Jersey jail. Zahn, a resident of North Carolina, was traveling

BOMBSHELL: New Hillary Benghazi Email Released… Her Cover-Up Just Shattered Into Pieces

Hillary and Benghazi

Thanks to bombshell information directly from one of the tens of thousands of emails Hillary Clinton had stored on her private email server, it appears that her attempts to cover up what really happened in Benghazi just got blown to bits. It turns out, after years of downplaying the terrorist attack that claimed four American lives

PHOTOS: 17 Celebrities You May Not Realize Are Pro-Gun

Angelina Jolie

Hollywood, despite producing some of the best action movies ever created, has never been known for having a “pro-gun” culture. However, there are some actors and actresses among the ranks of the Hollywood stars who are pro-gun, thought they might not always advertise that fact around their more left-leaning colleagues. We’ve compiled a list of 17

What Obama Just Did for This Child Molester Should Get Him Impeached Immediately

Obama and Covarrubias-Padilla

Much has been said about President Barack Obama’s effort to grant unilateral amnesty to illegal immigrants, little of it good. The entire premise behind Obama’s amnesty programs, like 2012’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is that it would allow immigration officials to exercise prosecutorial discretion and concentrate more on weeding out and deporting the criminals mixed among

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