PHOTO: 3-Year-Old Boy Damages Neighbor’s Car, Mom Stunned by What They Left on the Bill

Partial bill

When it comes to automobiles, avoiding dings and small dents is nearly impossible. In the United Kingdom, a mother was especially chagrined when her three-year-old son exuberantly opened his mom’s car door and whammed it into the side of a neighbor’s vehicle. She figured it would be less expensive to pay for the repair herself

URGENT: State Dept Threatens to ARREST Journalist for Reporting This About Obama

Barack Obama

Freedom of the press is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. And much like other American virtues, the Obama administration isn’t exactly fond of it. A reporter with the conservative-leaning Washington Free Beacon was ejected and threatened with arrest during a Department of State press conference in Vienna. The briefing was on the topic of the

BREAKING: FBI Makes Massive Move Nationwide After Reports of July 4th ISIS Terror Plot

FBI Agent And Fourth Of July Picnic 1

In response to chatter among Islamic terrorists about a potential 4th of July strike on the United States, the FBI has set up command centers across the nation to monitor potential terror activity. According to national security analysts, the chatter was especially notable this year, due in large part to the presence of the Islamic State group,

Michelle Obama Wants To Take This From Your BABIES… This Is Not A Joke


It’s coming to the point where Michelle Obama might start visiting the homes of every parent, telling individual American families what they should cook their children for dinner each night. That’s at least what it felt like, given the amount of interference from the first lady in terms of what our children eat. Now that she’s ruined

ALERT: The KKK Just Issued a Public Announcement to the Citizens of South Carolina


It turns out that the Black Panthers are not the only hate group trying to use the horrific massacre in Charleston for its own benefit. According to reports, a North Carolina-based chapter of the Ku Klux Klan applied to host a rally at the Statehouse Grounds in South Carolina in July to protest “the Confederate flag being

Gay Rights Activists Disgrace Iconic WWII Photo … “Jennifer Aniston” Unleashes BRUTAL Response

Gay Iwo Jima and Aniston

For decades, one of the most familiar images from American history has been that of the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi. However, the image was recently revised by gay activists and appeared on the Internet as four men, in poses similar to the Marines in the original photo, raising the rainbow flag

BREAKING: Fox News Drops Bombshell New Evidence About Freddie Gray … Race Baiters Silent

Donta Allen

The truth regarding the injuries sustained by Freddie Gray while in police custody, which led to his death and the recent riots in Baltimore, has continued to leak out a little at a time. Now Fox News has revealed that evidence given by prosecutors to the lawyers defending the six police officers charged with Gray’s

PHOTOS: 14 Ways to Thank a Soldier From the President Who Does It Best

George W Bush With Soldier 2

President Barack Hussein Obama could sure use a lesson on how to treat and thank our soldiers, and the best person to give Obama this lesson is none other than former President George W. Bush. First and foremost, always make eye contact with a soldier and make sure you give him or her a firm

VIDEO: Walmart Refuses to Make Confederate Flag Cake, But Look What Cake They Made Instead

walmart vs Confederate flag cake

As most of you are well aware, the public debate over the Confederate battle flag reached absurd heights over the past week. Case-in-point is Walmart’s decision to pull all Confederate related merchandise from their shelves, because it has been deemed racist and offensive, while still selling other items that have vastly more potential to offend.

HIGH ALERT: Authorities Issue Chilling Warning About the 4th of July

nyc fireworks and picnic

After a fatal series of terrorist attacks Friday that spanned three continents and took place within hours of one another, United States agencies are warning citizens to remain cautious and stay alert during the upcoming July 4th holiday for fear of an attack on U.S. soil. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told law enforcement officers to

Think Gay Marriage Only Affects Churches? All Christians Now Face This Terrifying Threat

lgbt flag and cross

While members of the left who overwhelmingly supported the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage did their best to assure those who were on the fence that it’s not going to change their daily lives, Christians who’re able to think logically knew that was a bald-faced lie. It’s not just churches, small-town bakeries and photographers who’ll

URGENT: Ted Cruz Drops Bombshell About Karl Rove in Revealing New Book

Karl Rove vs Ted Cruz

As virtually all presidential candidates do these days in the run-up to election season, potential republican nominee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is set to release a new book. The book, entitled “A Time For Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America,” details some of his backstory while revealing his plans for fixing the nation’s problems

ALERT: Officials Warn Those With Swimming Pools to Watch Out for This…

parasite and pool

Between an unprecedented rise in shark attacks in the ocean and now a warning from the Centers for Disease Control concerning a parasite that may be present in your local swimming pool, it seems that summertime fun in the water is under attack. Health officials have discovered a parasite known as cryptosporidium, which is somehow able

SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision Could Have 1 HUGE Consequence Liberals Are Desperate to Avoid

Supreme Court building

In making their decision to recognize gay marriage as a “fundamental” right protected by the 14th Amendment, the Supreme Court likely thought they were making a huge advance for the progressive liberal agenda. While that is certainly true, the law of unintended consequences could very well have scored a win for gun rights advocates and

SICK: NAACP Openly Endorses Blatantly Criminal Act by “Black Lives Matter” Activist

Cornell Brooks

When aspiring actress and “Black Lives Matter” protester Bree Newsome scaled the flagpole in front of South Carolina’s state capitol and removed the Confederate Battle Flag, she immediately received immense applause from liberal activists, Hollywood elites and the NAACP. Newsome, 30, and her partner in crime, 30-year-old James Tyson, were both arrested following her antics and

Black Pastors Threaten to Do the Unthinkable Over Gay Marriage… And They Aren’t Backing Down

Swimp and Owens

Stacy Swimp, of the National Coalition of Black Pastors, and Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, are standing against the recent Supreme Court ruling that legalizes gay marriage in all 50 states, and now they’re urging the members of their organizations toward acts of civil disobedience. “The Supreme Court has gone rogue,” declared

Black Reverend Issues Startling Wake-Up Call to White America… This Needs to Spread


Reverend Jesse Peterson has a stern warning for this country, and he fears the worst if Americans don’t wake up. Peterson believes that if Americans don’t stand up and do something — instead of waiting for so-called leaders to do something — Obama and his ilk will destroy America. “I’ve been warning white Americans for

Woman Awakes, Discovers Source of Creepy “Presence” in Her Home… Then Looks in the Driveway

romero and home

After lying down for an afternoon nap, former police officer Kim Steffen-Brauch was suddenly jarred awake when her instincts told her she had an uninvited guest prowling through her home. Retrieving her firearm, which was always close by, Steffen-Brauch confronted the female intruder inside her home. “What the ‘blank’ are you doing in my house? Put

VIDEO: It Took Trey Gowdy Less Than 1 Minute to Blow Up 3 Huge Hillary Lies to America


It took only a minute for South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy to expose three lies Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has told the American public. In an interview with John Dickerson on CBS’s Sunday program, “Face the Nation,” Gowdy discussed the congressional committee investigation, which revealed the former secretary failed to turn over all of

VIDEO: Black Reverend Drops Epic Truth Bomb About the Confederate Flag, And It’s Going Viral


Since the shooting tragedy in Charleston, S.C., the Confederate battle flag has been viciously excoriated as a symbol of racism and injustice by those who would prefer the flag be erased from our collective memory. But Confederate flag haters are like Islamic extremists who destroy Christian artifacts. So says Jesse Lee Peterson in a video that

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