VIDEO: Here’s the Movie Scene North Korea Is Trying to DELETE From the Internet


North Korea has declared digital war against Hollywood. In a story of intrigue that’s worthy of its own movie, the communist regime has hacked into one of the largest production companies in the world, and is using that stolen information against Americans. It was recently revealed that an incredibly thorough computer hack occurred at Sony Pictures.

“A man walks into a restaurant, his server is wearing an ‘Obama 2012′ button on her apron…”

obama joke

We here at Conservative Tribune like a good Obama joke. Of course, the biggest Obama joke is the president himself, who’s careening through his second term like a bull in an entitlement shop. However, this one gives Obama a run for his money. What’s more, it skewers the entitlement mentality that the Obama generation has

BUSTED: Michelle Obama Video Resurfaces Proving She Made Up “Racism” Story


Michelle Obama’s experience with the dark heart of racism in a Target store has gone viral, with many wondering how our brave first lady could possibly withstand the unbearable ignominy of being asked for help in a big box store. Less reported is another version of the story as told by Michelle Obama. In this

BREAKING: Bad News About Chris Kyle’s Wife… She Needs Our Support


Jesse Ventura may go down in history as the worst governor since Pontius Pilate. What else can be said about a conspiracy-obsessed pro wrestler turned public official who was once quoted as saying, “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat?” Now that he’s left office, Ventura is cheating the widow of an American

BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Announces Next Move in Lawsuit Against Obama… This Is Huge

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., has always been one to take the bull by the horns when it comes to immigration. So, you can imagine that he’s not taking the president’s illegal amnesty order sitting down. To that end, the sheriff has filed just one of a multitude of lawsuits against the executive

BREAKING: Obama Busted in Corruption Scandal to HELP This Powerful Criminal Family

Barack Obama

Keeping suspected criminals from entering the United States should be a top priority for the president. When it comes to Barack Obama, however, it looks like almost anyone can get a free pass into the country… as long as they bribe their way in. Recently, it was revealed that the Obama administration let a woman

Shootout Erupts Between Border Farmer and Illegal Immigrant Invader [VIDEO]


A “wild west” gun fight seems like something that belongs in an old movie — but it recently happened for real. Near the border with Mexico, a family of American farmers was forced to defend themselves after an illegal immigrant threatened to harm them. The incident happened in Queen Creek, Arizona. A farmer named Kyle

Wow. Valerie Jarrett Did Something Absolutely Disgraceful to a 4-Star General

Valerie Jarrett

When someone mistakes Barack Obama for a waiter, it’s racism. But when Valerie Jarrett makes precisely the same error — only stupider — it’s considered an honest mistake. Apparently. The president and first lady recently sat down with People magazine, that behemoth of hard-hitting political reporting, to discuss examples of racism that they had experienced in

Libs Are Calling This School’s Sign “Racist”… But the School Is NOT Backing Down


It seems that the word “racist” is now applied to everything. One of the latest things to be given that label is a simple sign at a school near Los Angeles. The controversy started in the school cafeteria but quickly received national attention. The printed sign at Harvard Elementary School states, “During works hrs we the café

Black Male Gets 15 Years for Stomping White Woman’s Head Till She Died… Where’s Al Sharpton?


A black male was just sentenced to 15 years in prison for the savage murder of a homeless white woman. The woman, who barely survived on the street from day to day, didn’t have anything to offer this violent killer, but he killed her anyway, purely for pleasure. America shouldn’t hold its collective breath waiting

BREAKING: Obama Gets Some Major Bad News About His Plan to Help the Communists

Obama pissed he is being defied

In carrying on with his tradition of bypassing Congress, ignoring the rule of law, exceeding his Constitutional authority, and unilaterally making sweeping changes to international policy, President Barack Obama declared yesterday that he was “normalizing” the relationship between the United States and the communist regime of Cuba. As part of a trade deal announced by Obama,

Video of Dog Reacting When He Hears “Barack Obama” Goes Viral

treat dog

There are a lot of Americans who could learn a thing or two from this dog. Forty-seven percent of them, according to Mitt Romney. I don’t know how she did it, but this woman appears to have trained her dog to accept treats when they are offered in the name of “Mom” or “Dad.” But

Sheriff Joe Could Use a Drunk Driving Case to Destroy Obama’s Amnesty… Here’s How


A federal judge in Pennsylvania just handed Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio more ammunition to use in his lawsuit against President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive action granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. In a case unrelated to Arpaio’s, Judge Arthur Schwab ruled on Tuesday that Obama’s action was unconstitutional. The sheriff wasted no time

BUSTED: Nancy Pelosi Was Caught Ripping Off Taxpayers in a Sickening Way


Nancy Pelosi is in trouble. The congresswoman and former Speaker of the House is facing criticism for using her political position for personal gain — at the expense of American taxpayers. Not long ago, the Free Beacon released a report that accused the Democrat of influencing business deals that directly benefited her. She allegedly helped

Chick-Fil-A Proved Again Just How “Evil” They Are


People who rely on the mainstream media for their news and information often have a slanted view of Chick-fil-A because of the way the media portrays the Christian-owned company’s conservative stance on social issues like same-sex marriage. What is often left out of those media accounts are the many ways in which Chick-fil-A contributes to

See Which Fox News Host Called for Waging “Holy War” on the Islamic Terrorists [VIDEO]


Radical Islamic jihadist extremism has been on the rise around the globe, thanks in large part to a weak and misguided foreign policy by the United States, a European Union with their head in the sand, and a largely silent majority of moderate and civilized Muslims. But the radical Islamic jihadists won’t go away if

Rick Perry Refused to Shake Obama’s Hand… And Sent Him This Challenge Instead


You may have noticed that outgoing Texas Governor Rick Perry is one of our favorite politicians here at Conservative Tribune. He’s a true conservative who sticks to his guns and principles, no matter what the cost. In addition, Gov. Perry has proven he’s one of the most adept politicians in America at using the media

Man’s EPIC Photo Mocking the Race Rioters Goes Viral


Using the grand jury decisions of Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, N.Y., as an excuse, protests and riots have broken out around the country in opposition to police brutality and perceived institutional racism. One of the typical tactics of these protests is to conduct marches that disrupt and block traffic, sometimes surrounding and threatening drivers

Angry Muslim Gets Couple Thrown Off Bus for Singing This “Racist” Song to Their Baby


Apparently now in civilized, Western countries, it’s frowned upon and borderline criminal to comfort children with familiar songs while using public transportation. At least that was the case recently in the UK, where a young couple and their 15-month-old autistic daughter were thrown off a bus at the demand of a Muslim woman who was “offended.”

Marine Held in Iran for 1,200 Days Writes This Open Letter to Obama


One of the major tenets of American military philosophy is that we leave no man behind. It’s not just an empty slogan, it’s a moral obligation to our men in uniform. As our commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama has an obligation to follow this tenet. However, his inattention to the case of Amir Hekmati proves that

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