Report: Chicago Law Professors Hated Obama Because He Was Lazy


Most conservatives hold the view that President Obama is a liar.  But it isn’t only conservatives who think that, even some Democrats agree that he is untrustworthy. Of course we know that he lied about Obamacare, numerous times.  He has lied about Benghazi and the IRS targeting scandal too.  But his pattern of lying dates

Oregon Judge: Flashing Lights to Warn Vehicles is Free Speech


We’ve all flashed our lights to warn oncoming traffic of radar traps on the road. And odds are we’ve all received the same warning. Well, an Oregon judge has ruled that such activity is an expression of free speech and that officers cannot ticket you for flashing your lights. This pro-First Amendment ruling is welcome

10 PICTURES: Cowboy Patriots Take On the Feds… And Win


This past week, we’ve been documenting the standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and militarized federal law enforcement trying to confiscate all of his cattle in Clark County, Nevada. The standoff ended in an apparent victory for Bundy, as the Bureau of Land Management stood down after militia from all across the country mobilized in support

Obama Wanted Dr. Ben Carson to Apologize… But Dr. Carson Refused


The speech that catapulted Dr. Ben Carson to the national media spotlight at the National Prayer Breakfast was apparently too much for Obama to handle as Dr. Carson criticized the president’s positions on a number of issues, including taxing, spending, Obamacare, and social issues. The speech was so popular among conservatives that a “Draft Ben

Cliven Bundy: Harry Reid “Needs to Be Kicked Out of Office”


Last week, we saw a standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and militarized federal law enforcement end in what was apparently a victory for Bundy and the militia groups that organized from all over the country to support him. However, Harry Reid threatened the Bundy family, telling them that this “isn’t over,” and suggested that Bundy

BREAKING: Bill Introduced to Cut Off Eric Holder’s Salary

Attorney General Holder Announces Antitrust Suit Against Apple

Finally, the movement to stop Eric Holder and his lawlessness is gaining some traction in Congress. Just last week, we reported that Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) said in a hearing that Holder should be in jail… then walked right out of the room.  Sen. Ted Cruz also called Holder out for his criminal activities and

Tennessee Wants to Ban the UN From “Monitoring” Its Elections


Liberal hysteria over voter ID laws has absolutely gone overboard.  They aren’t interested in keeping our elections free from fraud, so they claim conservatives are using voter ID to disenfranchise minorities, something that Trey Gowdy called a mind-numbingly stupid idea. Civil rights groups even went to the United Nations to have voter ID states “monitored”

Allen West Has a Special “History Lesson” for Liberals


One of the most frustrating and insulting thing for black conservatives is dealing with liberals who make sweeping judgments about conservatives in general. When liberals target all Republicans for being racist or being unable to understand the issues facing black America, black conservatives like Allen West have to spend time confronting these stereotypes instead of

Texas Executes Murdering Illegal Immigrant Despite Protests From Mexico


Our country has a serious problem with our southern border and illegal immigration. The Border Patrol has been mostly disarmed, told to retreat when confronted, and had their hands ties with burdensome rules of engagement.  It has resulted in terrible injuries and even tragic death. Of course, not every illegal immigrant is a hardened and

BREAKING: Top Obamacare Official Resigns in Disgrace

Sebelius Gives Speech On Obama Administration Health Policy Priorities

It’s finally over for Kathleen Sebelius: The top official who oversaw the absolute disaster that has been the Obamacare rollout is calling it quits after five years serving in the Obama administration. The Health and Human Services Secretary came under fire when the official Obamacare website,, was plagued with IT problems when it was

Video: Bill O’Reilly Rips Eric Holder to Shreds Over “Race Card”


Anyone with any sense is fed up with Attorney General Eric Holder and his liberal agenda. He’s forcing marriage “equality” on all fifty states, stomping on our Second Amendment rights, and trying to implement every one of Obama’s twisted policies on the American people. And Eric Holder’s obsession with race isn’t anything new, either. He’s

BREAKING: House Committee Finds Lois Lerner in Contempt

Lois Lerner

This week has seen a number of new developments in the IRS scandal and investigation.  Just yesterday, the House Oversight Committee voted to refer Lois Lerner to the Department of Justice for possible criminal prosecution. It was also revealed that Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the same committee, was colluding with Lerner and

Congressman Says Eric Holder Should Be in Jail… Then Walks Out

Attorney Gen. Holder Speaks At The Justice Dept's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

Attorney General Eric Holder has done some pretty horrific things during his time in office. Serving as President Obama’s stooge, he has utterly failed in his duty to protect the interests of the American people. Instead, he has blatantly ignored the Constitution and trampled on our Bill of Rights. Take for example his multiple attempts

VIDEO: Westboro Baptist Church Gets Chased Out of Town in Under 10 Minutes


You’d think that with the death of Pastor Fred Phelps the Westboro Baptist Church would grow a little quieter for a while, but they have kept their obnoxious and hateful protest speeches going strong. They recently showed up in Moore, Oklahoma, the site of a deadly F5 tornado that killed 24 and injured 377 just

Sarah Palin Says Letterman’s Retirement Should Start a Trend in DC

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has been brutalized over the years by a biased media, but she takes it in stride and dishes it right back at the media. Sarah was correct in 2008 when she predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine, and she is correct when she calls President Obama “the lamest of lame ducks“. She has

BREAKING: The IRS Leaked Conservative Groups Tax Info to Democrats


The more that comes out about the IRS scandal, the worse the whole thing seems to get, and the more it seems to implicate Democrats in Washington.  Just today, Lois Lerner was finally referred to the DOJ by the House for criminal prosecution for her involvement in the targeting. We’ve got solid evidence now that

These States Are Rebelling Against Barack Obama

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

Numerous states have grown tired of the terrible overreach by the massive leviathan that is the federal government.  States are beginning to fight back by reclaiming their sovereignty and state’s rights under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. The states are fighting back on multiple fronts by nullifying federal laws within their borders, including gun

U.S. Marine is Told to Take Down His Flag… He Refuses


Members and veterans of the United States military have been under fire from all sides recently. They are the ones who have put their lives on the line for us, and yet they still do not receive the respect they deserve. Back during Christmastime, Obama cut military pay raises by 45%, even though they already

BREAKING: House Votes for Criminal Charges for Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner

It’s finally happening.  After months of lies, refusal to answer questions, and calls for her to be held in contempt, the House Ways and Means Committee has voted to refer Lois Lerner to the Department of Justice for possible criminal prosecution. This vote was to refer Lerner to the DOJ for prosecution over the scandal

BREAKING: 200+ “Militarized” Federal Police Surround Peaceful Rancher in Nevada


We’ve seen before at Ruby Ridge and Waco that the feds won’t hesitate to treat peaceful American citizens as hostile and confront them with full armed force.  This is happening yet again in Clark County, Nevada. For over twenty years now, a battle has raged between cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land

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